Media Digest
See how many time journalists call tenants commies!

June 22, 1997
The Week in Review -- New York Times
Housing Crisis Looming in City -- NY Daily News

June 21, 1997
Bruno toasts rent war's end with a bitter whine -- New York Post
Top Republican Critical of Governor in Rent Fight -- New York Times
It's the Law: Pataki Signs Rent-Control Bill -- Newsday
Bruno admits regrets over rent-control deal -- Albany Times Union
Rent Bill Signed by Governor Pataki -- Complete text of Pataki's statement

June 20, 1997
Had Enough? Time to Fix Albany Mess -- New York Times
N.Y. Lawmakers Take Up Bill to Keep Rent Rules for 6 Years -- New York Times
The New Rules of the Game -- New York Times
Pols Make Room For Rent Laws -- New York Daily News
Rent bill wins easy approval in Albany -- New York Post
Tenants Protest At Pataki Dinner -- Newsday
Deal's in Writing/Legislature passes hard-fought rent-control agreement -- Newsday
Pataki to Sign Rent Bill -- New York 1 Cable
Senate, Assembly approve rent bill -- Albany Times Union
Rent Laws Saved -- Mostly -- The Resident
What it Means to Queens -- The Resident

June 19, 1997
Rent Law Extension Remains Unofficial -- New York Times
Lawyers still haggling over rent laws -- Albany Times Union
Lobby vs. Cottages May Oust Seniors -- New York Daily News

June 18, 1997
N.Y. Assembly Speaker Is Unlikely Hero of Rent War -- New York Times
In Rent War, Pataki Is Nicked, but Dodges Disaster -- New York Times
Editorial: Fixing the Two-Man Legislature -- New York Times
Rent Control Laws Are Unfair to the Young -- New York Times
Experts: Rent Deal Slams Door on Poor -- NY Daily News
No Solution/Albany's rent compromise solves a political problem but not NYC's housing shortage -- Newsday
No Final Vote Yet On Rent Rules -- Newsday
Editorial: The price of the rent deal -- New York Post
Governor stays firm defending rent deal -- New York Post
Rent control still isn't a good deal -- Albany Times Union
Lose-lose on rent laws -- Albany Times Union
Rent law rewrite is not quite ready for lawmakers -- Albany Times Union
The Powers That Be As the Rent Law Deadline Approaches -- The Resident
Cheese It -- The Resident
Rent Deposit Provision Seen as Burden on Courts -- New York Law Journal
2003: A Rent Odyssey -- Village Voice
Queens Landlord Busted in Tenant Assault -- New York 1 Cable
Governor Pataki Issues Executive Order for Tenant Protection -- Gov. Pataki press release
Statement from Gov. George Pataki -- Gov. Pataki press release

June 17, 1997
Rent Accord: Just Another Albany Deal -- New York Times
Analysis: As Usual, Down to the Wire in Albany -- New York Times
After Handshake Deal, Albany Has Trouble Writing a Rent Bill -- New York Times
Big Landlords Are Happier Than Small Ones -- New York Times
Editorial: A Molehill of Rent Reform -- New York Times
Es-crow Bar Hangs Over Her -- NY Daily News
Rent Law Facts -- NY Daily News
Pols Fear Wrath Of Voters -- NY Daily News
Landlords' New Lease On Strife -- NY Daily News
Silver Shows Majority Rules -- NY Daily News
Owners May Fly To Co-ops -- NY Daily News
Editorial: Deal Doesn't Pay the Rent -- NY Daily News
Lawmakers Mired In Debate on Details -- Newsday
Tenants Groups Split Over Rent Deal -- Newsday
Who Won the War?/Bruno's strategy on rent laws may have helped the opposition -- Newsday
Bruno - All Bark, No Bite -- Newsday
Renters Still Feel Some Uneasiness/But, for now, the uncertainty is over -- Newsday
Rent Board Readies Hikes -- Newsday
City tenants get to keep welfare as they know it -- New York Post
Disputes jam door to rent accord -- New York Post
Once again, David has beaten Goliath -- New York Post
Weighing the price of rent deal -- Albany Times Union
What Does the Rent Deal Mean to You? -- New York 1 Cable
Albany Set to Vote on New Rent Deal -- New York 1 Cable

June 16, 1997
Deal Is Achieved as Rent Laws Expire -- New York Times
Fear and Anger Grip Tenants Just Before Deadline -- New York Times
Bonus Plan Could Lead to Rent-Control Compromise -- New York Times
All Eyes on Three Men and a Clock -- New York Times
Landlords Play Out Strategy -- Newsday
Tenants Burn Up City's Hotlines -- Newsday
Tenants Remain Skeptical -- Newsday
Insiders fume: Gov betrayed Bruno -- New York Post
Rent protection is saved at the bell -- New York Post
Rent Compromise Reached -- NY1 Cable
Key Words For Rent Debate -- New York Daily News
Rent Fight Has Long History -- New York Daily News
Pols' Strategy Stands The Test of Time -- New York Daily News
Pols Duck Job Eviction -- New York Daily News
Zero Hour Deal On Rent Limits -- New York Daily News
Tenants Wait To Check Details -- New York Daily News
The Distrust Grows in Brooklyn -- New York Daily News
Leaders reach pact on rent laws -- Albany Times Union
Ticking of the clock helps speed agreement -- Albany Times Union
Statement from Governor George E. Pataki -- issued by the Governor's press office

June 15, 1997
Protest and Panic as Deadline Looms in Rent Stalemate -- New York Times
Small Owners Say Rent Talks Overlook Their Needs -- New York Times
NYC Workers Flooded With Phone Calls From Tenants -- New York Times
Tenants' Apprehension Builds as Decontrol Nears -- New York Times
Six Months of Confrontation -- New York Times
If the Stalemate Continues -- New York Times
Pataki & Silver Trade Blasts -- Daily News
Rent Control's -- Memory Lane -- Daily News
Chaos Choking Housing Courts -- Daily News
What's at Stake Over Reg Fight -- Daily News
Clash of Titans Is Good Drama -- Daily News
Rudy Calls for Calm -- New York Post
Editorial: For the Pataki plan -- New York Post
Affordable Housing Quandary. Sidebar: Getting Answers -- Newsday
Down to The Deadline/Renters fear midnight's approach -- Newsday
Takin' It to the Streets/Groups targeting Sen. Maltese's swing vote -- Newsday
The Great Rent Control Shakedown -- Newsday
Clock ticking on talks to end rent-law impasse -- Albany Times Union
No lease on life for rent control -- Albany Times Union
Rent Negotiations Go Down to the Wire -- New York 1 Cable

June 14, 1997
As Rent Deadline Looms Maneuvering Begins in Earnest -- New York Times
Landlords' Group Tries to Turn Spotlight on Silver -- New York Times
Senator's Quandary Over Rent: Bruno or Tenants? -- New York Times
Life After Rent Control: A Case Study -- New York Times
GOP State Sen. Roy Goodman: A Maverick on a Tightrope -- New York Times
Gov warns landlords not to harass tenants -- New York Daily News
Mayor Cautions Pols on Fallout -- New York Daily New
Gov To Guard Against Landlord Goons -- New York Post
Rent Law Jury Is Still Out/Rudy blasted for not doing enough to help tenants -- Newsday
Rent Fight Sharpens Up-Downstate War -- Newsday
Silver willing to compromise on rent control -- Albany Times Union
Boycott over rent control would hurt only farmers -- Albany Times Unio
Rent Law Talks Going Down to the Wire -- New York 1 Cable
Pataki Signs Executive Order on Rent -- New York 1 Cable

June 13, 1997
Cautious Motion Toward a Rent Compromise -- New York Times
Opinion: A Generational Rent Gap -- New York Times
End of Rent Control Could Freeze the Market -- New York Times
Demonstrators Rally to Back Rent Laws -- New York Times
NYC Mayor Tries to Dodge Flak in Rent Controversy -- New York Times
Poor Landlords -- New York Times
Tenants Find Little Legal Recourse -- New York Daily News
Tenant Protest Snarls Midtown -- New York Daily News
Landlord Sees Systemic Injustice -- New York Daily News
Handful of GOP senators feel heat from tenants -- New York Daily News
Rent Talks Break Off -- Newsday
Rent Debate Airs in Freeport -- Newsday
Land of No Control/Mass. cities coping with end of rent regulations -- Newsday
Rowdy Rent Rally/Arrests as tempers flare during march over laws -- Newsday
'Tenants' smokescreen -- New York Post
If Rent Controls End -- New York Post
Pataki Will Pay at Polls for Bruno's Power-Play Folly -- New York Post
Joe Gives In on Gay Succession -- New York Post
D'Amato: GOP to be cast as villain -- New York Post
Meet These Folks Before You Bash All the Landlords -- New York Post
No lease on life for rent control -- Albany Times Union
Blink, Mr. Silver -- Albany Times Union
City Prepares for Rent Crisis -- New York 1 Cable
Possible Break on Rent Standoff -- New York 1 Cable
Law and Disorder: Tenant Trouble Lurks as Rent Clock Ticks -- Village Voice

June 12, 1997
Strategist Helps Owners Lobby for Their Concerns -- New York Times
A Republican for Rent Regulation -- New York Times
Giuliani Forms Unit to Help Tenants if Rent Laws Expire -- New York Times
Senators Give Some Ground in Rent-Control Fight -- New York Times
Bruno Shifts Gears On Gays -- Daily News
Suburbs May Be Rent Key -- Daily News
Worried? City Will Lend You an Ear -- Daily News
Battle for Rules And Deregulations -- Daily News
Upstaters Call Shots on Rent -- Daily News
Wanted: Tenants Who Pay -- Daily News
Opinion: Greedy Landlords Will Bring Down Pol -- Daily News
Who Is Apartment Heir? / Fight for right to `inherit' leases -- Newsday
Tenants Are Set to Protest/Campaign to save rent laws -- Newsday
Bruno In Reverse Over Rent -- Newsday
Bruno now wants to include gays under rent control -- Albany Times Union
Possible Break on Rent Standoff -- New York 1 Cable

June 11, 1997
If New York's Rent Laws Really Lapse, What Then? -- New York Times
End the Stalemate on Rent Laws -- New York Times
Rent-Law Backers Appear to Dig in as Expiration Nears -- New York Times
Act Honorably, Landlord Groups Urge Members -- New York Times
NYC Residents Firmly Back Rent Regulations, Poll Finds -- New York Times
Rent law debate widens upstate-NYC schism -- Albany Times Union
Pataki rating dips below 50% in poll -- Albany Times Union
Rent-regulated apartments can't be found in Albany Count -- Albany Times Union
Rent-Regulation Standoff / Both sides lobbying as deadline nears -- Newsday
Golf for the Guv As Deadline Near Pataki hits links with `decontrol architect' -- Newsday
Opinion: Renters Won't Forgive Albany for Decontrol Mess -- Newsday
Rent Decontrol Funds in Dispute -- Newsday
It's gonna get 'real bloody' -- New York Post
Editorial: The sorry legacy of New York's absurd rent regulations -- New York Post
City Landlord Withheld Leases -- Daily News
Bruno May Can Rent Law Vote -- Daily News
Sheldon Silver: He's the One -- Daily News

June 10, 1997
Fund-raiser fuels rent war -- Daily News
Key players fail again in bid to end stalemate -- New York Post
Vacancy Issue Becomes Focus of New York Rent Debate -- New York Times
Rent control wrangling may force Sunday vote -- Albany Times Union
Rent Deregulation in Boston: Disruption, but Also Construction -- New York Times
Editorial: Stop playing games with rent control -- New York Post

June 9, 1997
New Yorkers Nearing Rent Law Deadline -- New York 1 Cable
Parties Charge Political Motives for Mailings on Rent Positions -- New York Times
Rudy vows to protect tenants from harassment -- New York Post
If New York's Rent Laws Really Lapse, What Then? -- New York Times
Avoidance and Obsession on Rent Laws -- New York Times
Pols Will Fight Rent Rules to Finis -- Daily News
Damage control on the landlord front -- Crains New York Business

June 8, 1997
Poles Apart In Rent Battle -- Daily News
Frank Padavan: A Legislator Who'll Buck Party Leadership -- New York Times
Prosecuting Bad Landlords -- Daily News
It Won't Stop The Harassment -- Daily News
Suspense Grows Over Rent Law -- Newsday
Pataki Sends Fliers Touting His Rent Plan -- New York Times

June 7, 1997
Evict Crisis Feared -- Daily News
In Their Own Words: Pataki Vs. Silver on Rent Control -- New York Times
Tenants on Welfare Fear Rent Proposals Spell Eviction -- New York Times
'Big Three' aren't talking as clock keeps on ticking -- New York Post

June 6, 1997
Pols Hit for Lack Of Rent Reg Talks -- Daily News
N.Y. Rent Plan Is Criticized by Prosecutors -- New York Times
Tenants to hit Pataki where he lives -- New York Post
Bronx will bury Velella if he breaks his rent vow -- New York Post

June 5, 1997
Tenants & Allies Plan City, Albany Protests -- Newsday
Commentary: A Good Day for the Mayor, to Little Avail -- New York Times
Bruno Unveils New Plan to Phase Out Rent Laws -- New York Times
'Flexible' Bruno bends on rent laws -- New York Post
Bruno Floats A Compromise -- Daily News
N.Y.ers: Lower Lid On Income 2 out of 3 favor cut, poll sez -- Daily News
Swing Vote In Rent Wars -- Newsday
Non-Rent Protections Under Rent Control and Rent Stabilization -- New York Law Journal
Bruno's rent law reforms draw fire -- Albany Times Union
Where Power Lies: Rent Regulations -- The Resident

June 4, 1997
N.Y. Senate GOP Deeply Split on Leader's Rent Plan -- New York Times
Veterans' Latest Front Is the Rent War -- New York Times
Boycott: Tenants in NYC vow to get even -- Albany Times Union
Opinion: Stop Rent War On Middle Class -- Daily News
Bruno Set to Unveil Decontrol Plans -- Newsday

June 3, 1997
Seniors Keep Pataki On Short Lease -- Daily News
Giuliani Lobbies for Rent Controls -- New York Times
Pataki urged to resolve rent control battle -- Albany Times Union
Pataki to Discuss Rent Control -- NY1 Cable
Opinion: Tenant organizations do not support boycott -- Albany Times Union
Statement from Governor Pataki -- Pataki News Release

June 2, 1997
Silenced Majority -- NY Times
D'Amato Urges Rent Settlement -- Daily News
Gov: Governor's Plan Protects Senior Citizens -- Pataki News Release
Governor Pataki to Host Panel Discussion on Rent Control -- NY1 Cable

June 1, 1997
Ripple Effect of New Rent Laws Feared for Outer Boroughs -- NY Times
Bruno Issues Ultimatum on Rent Law Talks -- NY Times

May 30, 1997
Mario sees gov giving up fight for vacancy decontrol -- NY Post
A Court Where Chaos Presides -- New York Times

May 29, 1997
Ravitz Demands Apology for Press Release; Grannis Says No Way -- Resident
TriBeCa tenants fighting 54% hike -- NY Post
Leaders Agree to Disagree on the Budget -- Albany Times Union
Tenants Seek Probe of Landlords' Report -- Albany Times Union

May 28, 1997
Landlords Set to Promote Pataki Rent Plan -- NY Times
Tenants Plan to Fight Landlords' Money with Money -- Village Voice
Landlords' leader: Standoff will KO rent laws -- NY Post
Rent-Hike Pitch On Its Way to You -- NY Daily News

May 27, 1997
Tenants Hit Roof Over Boot -- Daily News

May 25, 1997
No Backing Down/Tenants mobilize; landlords rebut rent decontrol fears -- NY Newsday
No Quick Ax If Rent Laws Fall -- Daily News

May 24, 1997
Giuliani Changes Rent Control Battle Tactics -- WABC Eyewitness News
Rudy Rents and Raves -- Daily News
Letters to the Editor -- NY Newsday
Giuliani to Lobby to Save Rent Control -- Albany Times Union

May 23, 1997
For Silver, Quick Shift On Rent Rule -- Daily News

May 22, 1997
Albany's rent paralysis -- NY Post
Tempers Taut On All Sides -- Daily News
Pataki Hits Back At Tenant Leaders -- Daily News
Landlord Blues -- NY Times

May 21, 1997
Albany Rally Raises a Cry for Old Rents, New Governor -- NY Times
Gov: A Rent Rally? Please Do Tell -- Daily News
Tenants Are Ready To Put Up a Fight -- Daily News
Tenants' Rage/Rent control supporters mob Albany -- NY Newsday
Decontrol opponents part of the muddle class -- NY Post
Tenants threaten 'Capitol' punishment -- NY Post
I'm Ready to Make A Deal on Rent -- Joe Bruno
Rent Control War Continues In Albany -- WNBC/MSNBC
Tenants Link Their Rent to Big Apple's Future -- Albany Times Union
Thousands Rally at State Capitol for Rent Control -- Albany Times Union
Mccaughey Ross Welcomes Protesters -- Albany Times Union

May 20, 1997
Tenants Rattle Rent-Controlled Cages -- Daily News
Towers and Tenements: Letter from a Landlord -- Village Voice
Protest Caps Rent-Control Debate / Advocates to convene in Albany -- NY Newsday
Op-Ed Opinion: Half-Right on Public Housing -- NY Times
Letters to the Editor - NY Times
Tenant Advocate Denounces Proposal to Save Rent Regulation - NY Times
Gov's Rent Plan Is Bopped by Betsy -- Daily News
At Capitol, It's Do Little, Do Late -- Albany Times Union

May 19, 1997
Will rent regulation change the face of Queens? -- NY Newsday
New lease on life for rent laws -- NY Post
Rent Laws Rich For Landlords: Green -- NY Daily News

May 18, 1997
Some Regulated Apartments May Be Unaffected by State-- NY Times
Another Kind of Middle-Class Squeeze-- NY Times
He Fights Rent Regs That He Enjoyed-- Daily News

May 17, 1997
Tenants' Group Asks Mayor Not to Address Rally-- NY Times
In Albany, Discreet Efforts at Compromise on Rent-- NY Times
Bruno Seeks 1-Generation Limit on Apartment Succession-- NY Times
Gov: Protect seniors who switch to small apts -- NY Post
Bruno Bends Decontrol Deadline -- NY Daily News

May 16, 1997
Ads by Tenant Groups Target Pataki and D'Amoto -- NY Times
Tenant Groups Lash Gov & Sen. Al -- NY Daily News
Renting & Raving In Albany -- NY Daily News
Assembly upstaters restless -- NY Crains

May 15, 1997
In City's Rent War, The Minority Rules -- NY Daily News
Editorial: Pataki's Rent Control Compromise -- NY Newsday
Rent Control Could Shadow Pataki Into '98 -- NY Newsday
Silver's New Mettle -- Daily News

May 14, 1997
Tenant leaders do 'slow' burn -- NY Post
Gov slams Silver for using scare tactics -- NY Post
Rent Decontrol: Study Finds Varied Impact -- NY Times
Political Differences Block Rent Compromise in Albany -- NY Times
Messinger Challenges Mayor to One-On-One Debate -- NY Times
Gov Gets Rent Support -- NY Daily News

Governor Pataki's Statements -- Rent Control Plan
May 12, 1997: "Governor Pataki Offers Responsible Plan to Protect Tenants"
May 11, 1997: Statement from Governor George E. Pataki
May 7, 1997: Statement from Governor George E. Pataki

May 13, 1997
Why Pataki's Rent Plan Sucks -- Village Voice
Pataki seeks phaseout of rules for most; plan draws fire on all sides -- NY Newsday
`Solution' Pleases No One -- NY Newsday
Editorial: A Way to Compromise on Rents -- NY Times
Bruno's Role in Debate Is Unclear -- NY Times
Vacancy Decontrol Evokes Opposite Visions of Future -- NY Times
Pataki Proposes Gradual End to Rent Control -- NY Times
For Youth, Bargain Rent Is Just a Ticket -- NY Times
Pataki's Idea Of Control -- Daily News
At Last, A Sane Idea on Rent -- Daily News
The Lowdown on Rent -- Daily News

May 12, 1997
Weighing In: 175G is lease gov can do; earn more and lose protection -- Daily News
Cardinal Defends Rent Regulations -- NY Times
Governor Offers Compromise on Rent Decontrol -- NY Times
New lease on life for rent laws -- NY Post
Weighing: Guv words suggest vacancy decontrol -- NY Newsday

May 11, 1997
Rent Hikes Will Cost City -- Daily News

May 9, 1997
Gov to Unveil Rent Proposals -- Daily News
Opinion: Rent Rip-Offs Ripe for Reform -- Daily News

May 8, 1997
Gov Sez He'll Spare Renters in 'Need' -- Daily News
Gov's Plan Will Offer Protection 'for anyone who needs it' -- NY Post
Op Ed opinion: Shelly Silver's Dream World -- NY Post

May 7, 1997
Dem Ties Tax Cut To Rent Controls -- Daily News
Assembly Chief Suggests Aid to Landlords as Rent Compromise -- NY Times
NY Press -- Letters Responding to 4/30/97 Tucker Column
Decontrolling the Tenant -- NY Press
Silver: No property-tax break without rent relief -- NY Post

May 6, 1997
Will New York's Poorest Tenants Be Pawns in a Rent Law Compromise? -- Village Voice

May 5, 1997
O'C to Speak On Rent Morals -- Daily News
Landlords Quietly Increased Donations to Fight Rent Law -- NY Times
Bob Herbert: Rent Contortions -- NY Times Magazine
Brave New Rents Would Make Manhattan A Cold Place -- NYObserver
Four Brokers Weigh In: Deregulation Means Chaos -- NY Observer
Sen. Roy Goodman: A Gentle Republican Fights Bruno Quietly -- NY Observer
Conservative Party's Crusade Was Funded by Landlord Lobby -- NY Observer
Opinion Somebody's Paying For Your Low Rent -- NY Observer
Opinion Rent Control, A Divine Right. Right? -- NY Observer
They Know Rent Regulations From the Inside Out -- NY Observer
Cardinal Poised to Join Rent Control Fray -- NY Post

May 4, 1997
At The Intersection of Supply and Demand -- NY Times Magazine
Rent Hikes Outpace Pay Raises - Study -- Daily News
Gov: Protect seniors who switch to small apts -- Albany Times Union

May 2, 1997
Betsy Rips Pols on Rent Laws -- Daily News

May 1, 1997
Pataki's Pushing Rent Caps -- Daily News
Bring Me the Head of Roy Goodman -- NY Resident
Panel weighs the lowest rent hike in city's history -- NY Post

Prior to May 1, 1997
April 30, 1997 Towers and Tenements: Smoke and Mirrors -- Village Voice
April 30, 1997 Pataki: Kiss our current rent laws goodbye -- NY Post
April 30, 1997 Rent Control is Your Issue -- NY Press
April 30, 1997 Landlord Moves Back on Rent Hike -- Daily News
April 30, 1997 Storm Clouds In Silver's Silence -- Daily News
April 29, 1997 Landlord Tries 337% Rent Hike -- Daily News
April 28, 1997 Dem Ads Rip Pataki, D'Amato on Rents -- Daily News
April 28, 1996 Ads Escalate Political War on Rent Laws -- NY Times
April 27, 1997 Tenants Fear Vacancy Decontrol -- Daily News
April 27, 1997 Politicians' Stake In Ceiling on Rents -- Daily News
April 25, 1997 Divided We Stand On Regulation -- Daily News
April 22, 1997 D'Amato Backs A Rent Plan -- Daily News
April 22, 1997 Rent-control war leaves a city bleeding -- Albany Times Union
April 21, 1997 Clock Ticks In Rent War -- Daily News
April 20, 1997 Rudy Trashes Rent Decontrol Compromise -- Daily News
April 20, 1997 Rocketing Rents Bean Bostonians -- Daily News
April 20, 1997 Rent Bill Comes Due -- Daily News
April 19, 1997 Bruno Relents On Rents -- Daily News
April 18, 1997 Bruno Opens Door To Rent Decontrol -- Daily News
April 17, 1997 Pressure's On, So Albany Breaks -- Daily News
April 17, 1997 Bruno, Silver, Pataki Outta (Rent) Control -- Daily News
April 16, 1997 Lux Decontrol Key to Deal? -- Daily News
April 16, 1996 Op-Ed: No Rent Regulation, No Middle Class -- NY Times
April 16, 1996 Op-Ed: Neighbor vs. Neighbor -- NY Times
April 15, 1997 Giuliani Lobbies On Rent Regs -- Daily News
April 14, 1997 Pols With No Rent Worries -- Daily News
April 14, 1997 The Lease Rudy Can Do -- Daily News
April 13, 1997 Rent Law Ax To Cut Deep -- Daily News
April 13, 1997 Dispute at Ritzy Address Is Emblem of NYC Rent Control Debate -- NY Times
April 12, 1997 Bruno Links Arson to Tenants -- Daily News
April 12, 1997 Landlord Wins 25% Rent Hike -- Daily News
April 12, 1997 Bruno Red-Baiting Tenants, Nixon Redeaux or Checkers Deja Vu -- NY Times
April 9, 1997 Silver Doesn't See Lining -- Daily News
April 9, 1997 Hay-Ridin' Bruno Great Destabilizer -- Daily News
April 8, 1997 Rudy's Commitment Is Weak, Albanese Sez -- Daily News
April 8, 1997 Tenants Hit By GOP Vote -- Daily News
April 7, 1997 Tenants Press Pols To Keep Rent Control -- Daily News
April 6, 1997 Upscale Areas' Tenants Would Be Hit Hardest, Studies Say -- NY Times
April 6, 1997 In Rent War, Tenant Fears Drive Strategies in Albany -- NY Times
April 6, 1997 How to Kill Rent Control And Survive -- NY Times
April 5, 1997 Barring the Door On Rents -- Daily News
April 4, 1997 Many Set to Quit City Over Rise -- Daily News
April 4, 1997 Rents Would Go Thru Roof -- Daily News
April 4, 1997 New York Mayor Will Lobby Albany on Preserving Rent Controls -- NY Times
April 3, 1997 Save Room for Sen. Al As Rent Challenger -- Daily News
March 31, 1997 Rent Regs War Heating Up -- Daily News
March 30, 1997 Pols' Landlord Largesse -- Daily News
March 26, 1997 City Council Holding Rent Line -- Daily News
March 26, 1997 Gov Jockeys For Control -- Daily News
March 18, 1997 Assembly's Vote Backs Rent Control -- Daily News
March 15, 1997 Rent Curbs Get Panel Backing -- Daily News
March 12, 1997 They Rent & Rave To Ax Hikes -- Daily News
03/10/97 Hell to Pay For Manhattan Pad -- Daily News
03/09/97 Prices Leave Tenants Flat -- Daily News
03/06/97 Fans Are Outta 'Rent' Control -- Daily News
03/05/97 Keep Rent Rules, But Ditch Rich - Poll -- Daily News
02/27/97 City Hall Protesters Rally for Rent Control -- Daily News
02/26/97 Rental Guidance -- Daily News
02/20/97 Dems for More Rent Controls -- Daily News
02/11/97 Conservatives Look To Unlock Rent Rules -- Daily News
12/31/96 Pol Blinks on Rents -- Daily News
12/13/96 Haste Will Waste Rent Reforms -- Daily News
12/12/96 Pataki's Cautious On Rent Control -- Daily News
12/08/96 Rent Reg Foe Is Fat Cat -- Daily News
12/08/96 How Senate Would Change State Laws -- Daily News
12/08/96 As Money Talks, Albany Listens -- Daily News
December 8, 1996 A Sensible Plan for Rent Decontrol -- NY Times
12/07/96 Tenants Fear End of Regs -- Daily News
12/07/96 One Landlord's Lament -- Daily News
12/06/96 Pol Rents And Raves on Laws -- Daily News
December 6, 1996 N.Y. Senate Leader Vows End to Rent Control -- NY Times
June 6, 1996 Rents Run Amok: Mind Bending Rise In Rents -- NY Times
August 4, 1996 Landlord vs. Tenant: City Eviction Wars -- NY Times
As Rents Go Up, So Does Urgency to Do Something About It -- Chelsea-Clinton News