Boycott over rent control would hurt only farmers

Albany Times Union, June 14, 1997
Boycott over rent control would hurt only farmers

I have enjoyed Neile Weissman's letters to you but getting my brain and fingers to work together for a response is a chore these days, so forgive the lateness of my response. What bothers me most is the fact that only the agricultural industry would suffer under the proposed boycott. I see no mention of a boycott on General Electric products or power from GE-powered utilities. I see no mention of a boycott on pulp and paper products, lumber or other building materials. I'd think that a boycott would be more inclusive.

As a seventh-generation Yorker, I have always held New Yorkers in awe, and thought them more wise and worldly than one such as I, but it seems that Mr. W. is assuming that we actually have some say in what the folks in Old Schenectady (that place which you call Albany) actually do! We would much prefer that a balanced budget with reduced spending be done on time. Notice how responsive they have been to that issue!

I am not unsympathetic to his woes as a tenant, for they are common throughout this Empire State. I would invite Mr. W. or any of those angry people, to come sit a spell, knock back a few herbal ice teas and discuss our many common interests, including politics as usual, should they chance to visit the land of sparkling waters.