Rent Fight Has Long History

New York Daily News, June 16, 1997
1920 The city's first rent law gives tenants the right to challenge "unjust, unreasonable and oppressive" increases. Law ends in 1929.

1943 President Franklin D. Roosevelt places rents under federal control.

1947 The federal government makes existing buildings subject to continued regulation.

1949 Washington lets states take over federal rent regulations.

1953 State lawmakers enact limited rent decontrol and approve a 15% across-the-board rent increase.

1958 New York's first luxury decontrol law passes, covering about 600 apartments.

1962 City wins authority over rent-controlled units in the five boroughs.

1964 An additional 5,000 "high-rent" apartments are decontrolled.

1969 City board creates rent-stabilization system.

1970 New city program establishes formula to compute maximum rent for controlled apartments.

1971 State lawmakers approve vacancy decontrol.

1974 State repeals vacancy decontrol and creates state rent stabilization.

1993 State lawmakers enact vacancy decontrol for apartments renting for $2,000 or more and immediate decontrol for tenants with income exceeding $250,000 and rent more than $2,000 a month.