Rudy's Commitment
Is Weak, Albanese Sez

Daily News Albany Bureau

Democratic mayoral candidate Sal Albanese trekked to the state capital yesterday to lobby for renewal of the laws that limit rent hikes for about 2 million tenants.

Albanese, a City Council member from Brooklyn, criticized Mayor Giuliani for not mounting a similar public effort to sway fellow Republicans to vote in favor of renewing state rent protections that expire June 15.

"Maybe his commitment to rent regulations is not as strong as it should be," Albanese said.

Three of the city's GOP senators voted against yesterday's procedural move to bring the issue to the Senate floor. They included Guy Velella of the Bronx, Serphin Maltese of Queens and John Marchi of Staten Island.

Giuliani spokeswoman Colleen Roche declined to respond to Albanese, but insisted the mayor "has played a leadership role on this issue from the very beginning."

Giuliani has called for renewal of the endangered rent laws, signed city legislation protecting tenants and vowed last week to step up his lobbying in Albany, including a trip to the capital for Tenant Day on May 20.

Original Story Date: 040897
Original Story Section: City Central