Pataki to Discuss Rent Control
on NY1 Tonight

New York 1 Cable News, 6/3/97

There are only 12 days to go, and there's a new battlefront in the much publicized and heated fight over rent laws.

Since late last week, Governor Pataki has been quietly trying to put together a televised forum on rent regulations that was to have aired tonight on New York 1. But the plans were scrapped today, with tenant advocates bitterly accusing the governor of trying to stack the forum in favor of landlords. The Governor fired back by releasing a stinging statement charging the advocates were afraid to defend their position in public.

New York 1 had agreed to televise the forum on the condition the panel was balanced, and the final panel proposed by the governor yesterday did include prominent voices on both sides of the rent debate. But two elected Democrats, including Assembly Housing Committee chair Vito Lopez, jumped ship earlier today. Lopez claimed the format prevented a fair discussion of the issues.

It is expected Governor Pataki will be addressing the rent issue when he appears tonight on New York 1's nightly political program, "The Road to City Hall," at 6:30pm and again at 9:00pm.

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