June 2, 1997

Governor Pataki to Host Panel Discussion on Rent Control

Governor George E. Pataki today announced he will host a forum on rent regulations with tenant and landlord advocates to allow for a full discussion on an issue of vital important to new York City and the entire state.

The forum, which will will be held at the Javits Center in Special Events Hall 1D, will be broadcast live on New York One from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m on Tuesday, June 3. It is open to the media. "This forum will allow all New Yorkers to consider the important issues facing the State Legislature as we work to ensure we preserve rent control protections for virtually all tenants," Governor Pataki said. "By bringing together people with different opinions and backgrounds for an honest and open exchange, this panel discussion is in keeping with the finest democratic traditions of our state and nation. Our goal is to educate and inform -- and get away from the scare tactics that have too often been part of this issue.

"By talking to each other, we can better understand each other and, ultimately, find a solution that protects the vast majority of tenants," the Governor said. "I have offered a plan that meets that goal, but I am willing to put it before a balanced panel for public debate -- as well as to allow all panelists to bring their own ideas for a solution."

The panel discussion allows for each panelists to make individual statements, to question each other and discuss any issue related to rent regulations. The panel includes:

Assemblyman Vito Lopez, chairman of the State Assembly Housing Committee;

Bill Easton, Executive Director, New York State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition (had confirmed but is now unsure. A tenant advocate will be added if he backs out);

One New York City tenant selected by Assemblyman Lopez;

New York City Council Deputy Majority Leader Archie Spigner, chairman of the Housing and Building Committee;

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch;

Dan Margulies, of the Community Housing Improvement Program; and

Ming Wang, a building owner with two properties in Manhattan.