Queens Landlord Busted in Tenant Assault

New York 1 Cable, June 18, 1997

A Queens landlord is under arrest after allegedly hiring a dozen thugs to beat up a group of tenants in Bayside.

Police say 47-year-old Misun Cho hired the men to attack some of her tenants because of a dispute over money. Six tenants have been hospitalized in stable condition. Cho is charged with robbery, assault and conspiracy. Four of the 12 men also have been charged in the attack.

Meanwhile, legislators in Albany are having a little more trouble than expected turning the state's new rent compromise into law.

It's been two full days now since the last minute agreement, and there's still no written bill for the legislature to vote on. But officials promise the public the deal won't fall apart.

It's believed one of the major stumbling blocks along the way is the proposal to make tenants who get into disputes with their landlords pay their rent into an escrow account. Tenant advocates say that would greatly increase evictions.

Negotiations continue today.