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RSC Sections
  RSC Index
2520 Scope
2521 Legal Rents
2522 Rent Adjustments
2523 Notices and Records
2524 Evictions
2525 Prohibitions
2526 Enforcement
2527 DHCR Proceedings
2528 Registration
2529 Administrative Review
2530 Judicial Review
High-Income Decontrol

Dec. 2006 amendments (pdf)


NYC Rent Stabilization Code
(1987, amended 2000)
State of New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR)
Title 9. Executive Department
Subtitle S. Division of Housing and Community Renewal
Chapter VIII. Rent Stabilization Regulations
Subchapter B. Rent Stabilization Code

[19 NYCRR Parts 2520-2530]*
* Statutory authority: N.Y.C. Admin. Code, 26-511(b), 26-518(a)

The Rent Stabilization Code (RSC), issued by the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR), is a codification of the laws and procedures of the Rent Stabilization Law (RSL). Since 1969, Rent Stabilization has gradually replaced Rent Control as the rent regulatory scheme applicable to most regulated apartments in New York City.

Further refinements, policies and interpretations of the code are found in DHCR Policy Statements, DHCR Advisory Opinions and DHCR Operational Bulletins. Measures passed by the New York Legislature in 1993 and 1997 that weakened the RSL's tenant protections (including High-Income and High-Rent Decontrol) were incorporated in amendments to the Rent Stabilization Code in December 2000. And without legal authority, DHCR added its own weakening amendments.

The old Rent Stabilization Code (effective 5/87 to 12/20/00) may be accessed here.

The most current official version of the Rent Stabilization Code can be accessed here.

Fine Print: Every attempt has been made to conform to the original document; TenantNet makes no representation the enclosed material is current or will be applied as written. The reader is advised that DHCR often fails to properly apply, interpret or enforce housing laws. Since housing laws are complex and often contradictory, it is recommended the reader obtain competent legal advice from a tenant attorney or counseling from a tenant association or community group.


Part 2520. Scope

2520.1 Statutory authority
2520.2 Amendment of codes
2520.3 Construction and implementation
2520.4 Delegation of authority
2520.5 Designations
2520.6 Definitions
2520.7 Effective date
2520.8 Amendment or revocation
2520.9 Filing of amendments
2520.10 Separability
2520.11 Applicability
2520.12 Effect of this Code on leases and other rental agreements
2520.13 Waiver of benefit void

Part 2521. Legal Registered and Regulated Rents

2521.1 Initial legal regulated rents for housing accommodations
2521.2 Preferential Rents
2521.3 Classification of buildings

Part 2522. Rent Adjustments

2522.1 Legal regulated rent adjustments
2522.2 Effective date of adjustment of legal regulated rents
2522.3 Fair Market Rent Appeal
2522.4 Adjustment of legal regulated rent
2522.5 Lease agreements
2522.6 Orders where the legal regulated rent or other facts are in dispute, in doubt, or not known, or where the legal regulated rent must be fixed
2522.7 Consideration of equities
2522.8 Rent adjustments upon vacancy or succession
2522.9 Surcharge for the installation and use of washing machines, dryers and dishwashers
2522.10 Surcharges for submetered electricity or other utility service

Part 2523. Hearings and Records

2531.1 Notice of initial legal regulated rent
2531.2 Certification of services
2531.3 Failure to file a certification of services
2531.4 Failure to maintain services
2531.5 Notice for renewal of lease and renewal procedure
2531.6 Notices of appearance by attorney or other authorized represen tative
2531.7 Records and recordkeeping
2531.8 Notice of change of ownership or address

Part 2524. Evictions

2524.1 Restrictions on removal of tenant
2524.2 Termination notices
2524.3 Proceedings for eviction--wrongful acts of tenant
2524.4 Grounds for refusal to renew lease, or in hotels, discontinuing a hotel tenancy, without order of the DHCR
2524.5 Grounds for refusal to renew lease or discontinue hotel tenancy and evict which require approval of the DHCR

Part 2525. Prohibitions

2525.1 General prohibitions
2525.2 Evasion
2525.3 Conditional rental
2525.4 Security deposits
2525.5 Harassment
2525.6 Subletting; assignment
2525.7 Occupancy by persons other than tenant of record or tenant's immediate family

Part 2526. Enforcement

2526.1 Determination of legal regulated rents; penalties; fines; assessment of costs; attorney's fees; rent credits
2526.2 Orders to enforce the RSL and this Code
2526.3 Injunctions by Supreme Court
2526.4 Oaths, subpoenas, hearing officers
2526.5 Confidentiality of information
2526.6 Inspection and records

Part 2527. Proceedings Before the DHCR

2527.1 Proceedings instituted by owner or tenant
2527.2 Proceedings instituted by the DHCR
2527.3 Notice to the parties affected
2527.4 Answer
2527.5 Preliminary action by the DHCR
2527.6 Determination
2527.7 Pending proceedings
2527.8 Modification or revocation of orders
2527.9 When a notice or paper shall be deemed served
2527.10 Amendments to complaint or application
2527.11 Advisory opinions and Operational Bulletins

Part 2528. Registration of Housing Accommodations

2528.1 Initial registration
2528.2 Initial registration requirements
2528.3 Annual registration requirements
2528.4 Penalty for failure to register
2528.5 Confidentiality

Part 2529. Administrative Review

2529.1 Persons who may file
2529.2 Time for filing a PAR
2529.3 Form and content of a PAR
2529.4 Service and filing of a PAR
2529.5 Time of filing an answer to a PAR
2529.6 Scope of Review
2529.7 Action by commissioner
2529.8 Final determination by the commissioner
2529.9 Modification or revocation of orders by the commissioner
2529.10 Pending PAR proceedings
2529.11 Time within which the commissioner shall take final action
2529.12 Stays

Part 2530. Judicial Review

2530.1 Commencement of proceeding

Part 2531. High Income Rent Decontrol

2531.1 Definitions
2531.2 Income Certification Form (ICF)
2531.3 Procedure where total annual income as certified on ICF exceeds threshold
2531.4 Procedure where tenant fails to return ICF or owner disputes certification
2531.5 Determination by Department of Taxation of Finance (DTF)
2531.6 Procedure where tenant fails to provide information for determination by Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF)
2531.7 Mailing of submissions relating to high-income decontrol
2531.8 Lease riders regarding high-income decontrol
2531.9 Jurisdictional authority


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