New York Rent Laws

NYC Rent Stabilization Law of 1969

N.Y.C. Admin. Code Sections 26-501 -- 26-520

The New York City Rent Stabilization Law (RSL) is the fundamental statute establishing Rent Stabilization regulation in New York City, and through the Rent Stabilization Code, is administered by the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR). Established in 1969, the RSL is a modification and successor regulatory scheme to Rent Control. As Rent Control apartments become vacant, they normally become subject to Rent Stabilization.

Every attempt has been made to conform to the original document; TenantNet makes no representation the enclosed material is current or will be applied as written. The reader is advised that DHCR often fails to properly apply, interpret or enforce housing laws. Since housing laws are complex and often contradictory, it is recommended the reader obtain competent legal advice from a tenant attorney or counseling from a tenant association or community group.

NOTE: THIS DOCUMENT DOES NOT INCLUDE AMENDMENTS TO THE RENT STABILIZATION LAW FROM 1993. These changes, among others, created the "High Rent/High Income" method of deregulation, formalized the 1/40 rent increase for individual apartment improvements and dismantled the rent registration system. These amendments are found in the Rent Regulation Reform Act of 1993.

The complete Rent Stabilization Law (107k). [only complete with the 1993 amendments, see above]

Table of Contents


26-501. Findings and declaration of emergency.

26-502. Additional findings and declaration of emergency.

26-503. Short title.

26-504. Application.

26-505. Application to multiple family complex.

26-506. Application to hotels.

26-507. Application to certain multiple dwellings purchased from the city.

[Section 26-508 has not been enacted.]

26-509. Application to department of housing preservation and development for rent increase exemptions and equivalent tax abatement for rent regulated property occupied by certain senior citizens.

26-510. Rent guidelines board.

26-511. Real estate industry stabilization association.

26-512. Stabilization provisions.

26-513. Application for adjustment of initial rent.

26-514. Maintenance of services.

26-515. Recovery of possession.

26-516. Enforcement and procedures.

26-517. Rent registration.

26-517.1. Fees. (contained in Section 17)

26-518. Hotel industry stabilization association.

26-519. Suspension of registration.

26-520. Expiration date.

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