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Public Housing Spotlight

Issue 38
Published on December 20, 1999

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by NYC Comptroller Alan Hevesi)

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Holiday Grab Bag!

If somebody would take a long and hard look
at the Sprinkler/Standpipe requirement contracts,
Spotty might be able to rest a bit for the
beginning of the New Year.

Is Paul Graziano heading for HUD? That's the rumor circulating at 250 Broadway. Seems odd, though. Graziano was on the short list of Executives at NYCHA who were aware of Bill (little Billy) Russo's missing Security Contract Files that should have tracked over $50,000,000 in contracts for Locks, Intercoms and new Entryways in our Developments. And Paul was aware of the problematic IG investigation into the large, organized corruption ring at NYCHA. And Paul did nothing about the missing files, the investigation or the many letters of complaint he received from NYCHA employees complaining about the corruption in the Contract Administration Department while William Russo was the Director.

Even before Graziano escapes, JoAnna Aniello had to rub his nose in it a little more. Although she unfairly demoted Graziano's friend Caesar Gentile, and cost him to lose over $10,000 a year, she seems somewhat unsatisfied. So, she threw her Carbonetti weight around, and boosted her own throne. She will now be SENIOR muckity-whatever, and she'll have two-count-em-two sycophants to buff her whatevers! One rumor is that little-Billy (where's the files?) Russo will be adding cream to Joanna's sugar as one of the kiss-ups . . . er, I meant Deputies. I guess now that DOI has set up 3 members of CAD on bribery charges, NYCHA's biggies believe everything can go back to normal. Until, of course, the next time, when they'll again get a corrupt DOI to launch a full scale (NOT!) investigation. Then they can again find some dopey fall guys. And on and on and on.

Recently in the Design Department, Director David Burney distributed a memo instructing all of the Design Dept. Staff to adhere to JoAnna Aniello's "recent" memo on what paint to use for Authority contracts. The same memo also lists paints being replaced because they are beyond their expiration dates and some which may be considered dangerous to use. Oh, sorry, forgot to mention the date of Joanna's memo (which was attached to Burney's memo), it was dated November 1998. Is a year ago considered a "recent" memo considering the magnitude of NYCHA's problem with paint?

Does that mean that all contracts being written for the last year have been using out of date and/or potentially dangerous paints?????

What do Leo Samuels, Pam Weaver, Pat Barnes, Cathy Ruben, Priscilla Lawrence, Morton Rothberger, Helene Robinson, Paulette Shomo, Margaret Davis, Robert Rifkin, Cornelia Radkai, Gary Smoke, Seymour Lapan, Sal Conte, Ron Diamond, Diane Finn, Rachel Fuyer, Jodie Piciano, Nalini Viswanathan, Eve Miller, Michelle Stapleton, Barbara Grant and Risa Gerstein have in common this Holiday Season? Well, they are all thankful that they've escaped Nora Reissig-Lazzaro's Chamber of Horrors, and they can now hope that their new bosses will play fair with transfers and promotions.

That's a LOT of folks to be exiting from Nora's little group. If this were a private corporation, someone would be looking into why there is such a turnover of talent in that office. And a little research into unfair promotions and a proclivity to "write-up" underlings-only to be forced to remove those counseling memos-would lead one to the conclusion that it is our Miss Nora that needs the transfer. However, with JoAnna Aniello watching Nora's back, Nora has nothing to worry about at NYCHA.

Mr. Martinez,
are you comfortable with this?

We've received numerous messages about the felony arrests at NYCHA's CAD. Most expressed outrage that after all that has been exposed regarding illegalities at NYCHA, 3 low-mid level employees wind up being the only "crooks" that DOI could uncover.

Others blame the politicians for sitting on their hands.

We think both sides are right.
So, when election time nears,
we will be looking to make endorsements.

Suggestions? Call us at 718/745-0170

© 1999 Public Housing Spotlight and John Ballinger. All rights reserved.
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Contact Jack Ballinger at nychaspotlight@netscape.net
for a Real Audio sound clip containing a
conversation wherein DOI Investigator
John Kilpatrick discusses how he learned
that 2 NYCHA execs attended
a Mafia connected contractor's funeral .

Contact Jack Ballinger at nychaspotlight@netscape.net
for a Real Audio sound clip containing
the (3 Meg) confession of Tony DiAlto.
Tony was a member of a group of
corrupt Contract Inspectors working at NYCHA.
Neither Tony nor the person he confessed to
sharing his bribes with (Richard Penesi)
were ever charged, let alone prosecuted, by DOI.

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