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Public Housing Spotlight

Issue 4
Published on September 7, 1998

(Click Here for NYCHA "preliminary" Audit
by NYC Comptroller Alan Hevesi)

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on The Next Generation!

NYCHA's Cyber-SpSpotlight

Well, we received some good news this past week. The good folks at TenantNet have placed the text from all of our issues onto some of their web pages. (See http://tenant.net/ elsewhere in this issue.)

Now anyone with an Internet connection can read about what the Franco/Finkel team have done with the taxpayers' monies they were entrusted to protect. (Fiduciary responsibility seems to have too many syllables for this crew to understand.) We here at Public Housing Spotlight Central are ecstatic! Sending group email with directions to a web site is soooo much easier/faster that sending hundreds of individual faxes. Of course, not tying up a phone line for an entire weekend to send those faxes is another plus. And, if an official lists an email address, they have access to the Tenant Net web site.

So, we now hope that at least one of those politicians will do their job and call for an investigation into the New York City Housing Authority and the goings on of which we're all aware.

(Those of you who have been giving a copy of the Public Housing Spotlight to Tenant Leaders should advise them to visit the TenantNet site. Although the rules governing our tenants may differ from NYC regulations, much good information can be garnered at the TenantNet site.)

On another page of this issue, a listing is given of each person to receive either faxed copies of our issues, or an email pointing them to the Tenant Net pages. If you know of anyone in power you think should be contacted, and they're not already listed, please send them an "anonymous" fax of the letter on Page . (Just go to a local store, where you're not known by name, which advertises that it sends faxes. Send the fax from there. If they don't know you, you're anonymous.) On another note, no matter what you think of Franco & Finkel, they deserve mucho credit for their ability to pluck humor out of despair. Just when our "between Spotlight issues" depression sets in, they go out of their way to send us a chuckle!

I received a phone call telling me that supervisors are warning people that if they catch anyone reading/copying/faxing the Public Housing Spotlight, they will be severely disciplined. Further, they warn that even if they catch people reading the Spotlight on their OWN TIME, they will be severely disciplined! This order came down from on high. High on what, I don't know. I do know that my first reaction is that someone should do some serious checking on the validity of Franco & Finkel's law degrees. Either their degrees are bogus, or Finkel's Friends have taken some time off from raping the taxpayers and have now kidnapped the First and possibly the Fourteenth Amendments.

Most 3rd graders, if schooled on our civic rights, could warn those two gentlemen that we Americans have certain rights. Those kids could tell them that we're allowed to read whatever we like ON OUR OWN TIME!

Hey, with luck, those same 3rd graders could teach Franco & Finkel some math. They could start by showing that paying $103,000,000 for a 20-year lease of a building you could have purchased for a little over $8,000,000 is financially IDIOTIC!

Even a 3rd grader
could understand that!

It never ends!

Although our Housing Authority's corruption in general, and some Contract Administration Department's people in particular, has been in the news and our Public Housing Spotlight, things never change. We're told that an Area Supervisor of Contract Inspectors is on an extended vacation. Sounds innocent enough. Except that he's actually trying out a job with a contractor whose work in Public Housing was inspected by this man's unit! The supervisor's been offered a MUCH better paying job by Mortman than the one he now holds with NYCHA. Of course, this could be considered bribery, but the Authority has never cared about that!

Tom Hahn? Who he?

That was the most asked question we've received since first mentioning this secretive friend of Finkel's. Tom's official title, Deputy General Manager of Something or Other, sounds rather impressive. But, other Executives tell us that Hahn is really the "deal maker" on real estate scams.

We're told that Tom's real duties are such a source of embarrassment for both NYCHA and those toiling across the Broadway Moat from 250 Broadway, that funds were expended to set up a private security system on Tom's office! (This in a building with it's own security, augmented by City cops, an IG's office, the Special Investigation's Unit.)

While we couldn't obtain a financial breakdown of the security costs for Tommy's office, we have gotten a partial listing of some of the computer toys that your taxpayer dollars have placed in Tommy's Christmas stocking.

(Please note: The items we list are in ADDITION to the furnishings of a typical office. Of course, the normal computer and other accouterments of a standard office were not up to the special standards required by our Mr. Hahn. The rumor is that Tom runs another personal business from his Authority office, and that he operates a 900 number for that business. The two computer Quick Cams that were purchased for Tom lends credence to that Rumor. Quick Cams are designed to allow two people/locations to carry on a video conference call, with both parties being able to view the other while conversing on the phone. We wonder where the second Quick Cam is located?)

Officials sent copies
(Fax and/or email)
of the Spotlight

Alfonse M. D'Amato (R-C-RTL) U.S. Senate 202-224-5871 FAX and senator_al@damato.senate.gov
Daniel P. Moynihan (D-L) U.S. Senate 202-224-4929 senator@dpm.senate.gov
Janet Reno US Attorney General 202-514-4371 FAX
Kathleen Day Koch Special Council 202-653-5151 FAX
Rick Lazio (R) U.S. Congress 202 225-4669 lazio@hr.house.gov
HUD Inspector General 202-708-4829 FAX
Sheldon Silver (D-L) NY State Assembly 212-312-1418 speaker@assembly.state.ny.us
Mark Green Public Advocate 212-669-4701 FAX
Denis Vacco (R) NYS Attorney General 212-961-4475 212-961-4003 FAX
Peter F. Vallone (D) NYC Council 718-726-0357 vallone@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Walter L. McCaffrey (D-R-L) NYC Council 718-899-1294 FAX m26mccaf@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
NYCHA Inspector General 212-306-6484 FAX
Catherine M. Abate (D-L) NY State Senate 212-298-5555 abate@senate.state.ny.us
Peter J. Abbate, Jr. (D) NY State Assembly 718-234-0986 abbatep@assembly.state.ny.us
Michael J. Abel (R-C) NYC Council 718-352-5405 abel@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Sal F. Albanese (D-L) NYC Council 718-921-0366 albanese@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Carmen E. Arroyo (D-R-L) NY State Assembly 718-993-6021 arroyoc@assembly.state.ny.us
Samuel D. Bea, Jr. (D) NY State Assembly 718-324-0983 beas@assembly.state.ny.us
Herbert E. Berman (D-L) NYC Council 212-608-6382 m46true@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Sherwood Boehlert (R) U.S. Congress 202 225-1891 boehlert@hr.house.gov
James F. Brennan (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-965-9378 brennaj@assembly.state.ny.us
Denis J. Butler (D) NY State Assembly 718-932-4176 butlerd@assembly.state.ny.us
Barbara M. Clark (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-464-7128 clarkb@assembly.state.ny.us
Elizabeth A. Connelly (D) NY State Assembly 718-983-5620 connele@assembly.state.ny.us
Martin Connor (D-L) NY State Senate 212-298-5774 connor@senate.state.ny.us
Lucy Cruz (D-L) NYC Council 718-518-7016 cruz@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Gloria Davis (D) NY State Assembly 718-588-3317 davisg@assembly.state.ny.us
Nelson Antonio Denis (D) NY State Assembly 212-828-1064 denisn@assembly.state.ny.us
Stephen DiBrienza (D-L) NYC Council 718-858-5139 m39dibri@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-796-0694 dinowij@assembly.state.ny.us
Thomas K. Duane (D-L) NYC Council 212-929-5562 duane@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
June M. Eisland (D-L) NYC Council 718-549-6983 eisland@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Ronnie M. Eldridge (D-L) NYC Council 212-765-4805 eldridge@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Eliot L. Engel (D) U.S. Congress 202-225-5513 engeline@hr.house.gov
Andrew Eristoff (R) NYC Council 212-473-6295 eristoff@council.nyc.gov
Herman Denny Farrell Jr. (D) NY State Assembly 212-234-1868 farrelh@assembly.state.ny.us
Daniel L. Feldman (D) NY State Assembly 718-376-8028 feldmad@assembly.state.ny.us
C. Virginia Fields (D-L) NYC Council 212-932-1130 fields@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Kenneth K. Fisher (D-L) NYC Council 718-643-6620 cyberpol@pipeline.com
Michael Forbes (R) U.S. Congress 202 225-3143 mpforbes@hr.house.gov
Vito Fossella Jr. (R-C) NYC Council 718-984-5737
Kathryn E. Freed (D-L) NYC Council 212-788-7727 freed@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
John A. Fusco (R-C) NYC Council 718-980-1051 fusco@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Anthony J. Genovesi (D) NY State Assembly 212-312-1430 genovea@assembly.state.ny.us
Vincent Gentile (D) NY State Senate 718-491-2347 gentile@senate.state.ny.us
Deborah J. Glick (D-L) NY State Assembly 212-674-5530 glickd@assembly.state.ny.us
Emanuel Gold (D-L) NY State Senate 718-261-1179 gold@senate.state.ny.us
Efrain Gonzalez, Jr. (D) NY State Senate 718-583-8249 gonzalez@senate.state.ny.us
Roy Goodman (R-L) NY State Senate 212-298-5518 goodman@senate.state.ny.us
Richard N. Gottfried (D-L) NY State Assembly 212-243-2035 gottfrr@assembly.state.ny.us
Alexander B. Pete Grannis (D) NY State Assembly 212-996-3046 grannia@assembly.state.ny.us
Roger L. Green (D) NY State Assembly 718-834-0865 greenr@assembly.state.ny.us
Aurelia Greene (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-538-3310 greenea@assembly.state.ny.us
Lloyd Henry (D-L) NYC Council 718-421-6625 m45toney@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Dov Hikind (D-R-C) NY State Assembly 718-436-5734 hikindd@assembly.state.ny.us
Rhoda S. Jacobs (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-421-4396 jacobsr@assembly.state.ny.us
Melinda Katz (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-263-5688 katzm@assembly.state.ny.us
Stephen B. Kaufman (D-C) NY State Assembly 718-597-5037 kaufmas@assembly.state.ny.us
Sue Kelly (R) U.S. Congress 202 225-3289 dearsue@hr.house.gov
Peter T. King (R) U.S. Congress 202 226-2279 peteking@hr.house.gov
Jeffrey Klein (D) NY State Assembly 718-409-0431 FAX kleinj@assembly.state.ny.us
Carl Kruger (D-L) NY State Senate 718-743-5958 kruger@senate.state.ny.us
Seymour Lachman (D) NY State Senate 718-372-5749 lachman@senate.state.ny.us
Ivan C. Lafayette (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-335-8254 lafayei@assembly.state.ny.us
Sheldon S. Leffler (D-L) NYC Council 718-776-2302 m23pored@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Franz S. Leichter (D-L) NY State Senate 212-397-3201 leichter@senate.state.ny.us
Joseph R. Lentol (D) NY State Assembly 718-383-1576 lentolj@assembly.state.ny.us
John Lhoto Deputy Mayor 212-788-0074 FAX
Guillermo Linares (D) NYC Council 212-740-1573 linares@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Nita M. Lowey (D) U.S. Congress 202-225-0546 nitamail@hr.house.gov
Martin Malave-Dilan (D) NYC Council 718-453-4727 dilan@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Serphin R. Maltese (R-C) NY State Senate 718-386-7803 maltese@senate.state.ny.us
Thomas J. Manton (D) U.S. Congress 202-225-1909 tmanton@hr.house.gov
John H. Marchi (D-R-L) NY State Senate 718-981-1270 marchi@senate.state.ny.us
Marty Markowitz (D) NY State Senate 718-282-3585 markowit@senate.state.ny.us
Brian M. McLaughlin (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-762-0917 mclaugb@assembly.state.ny.us
Michael E. McNulty (D) U.S. Congress 202-225-5077 mmcnulty@hr.house.gov
Gregory W. Meeks (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-337-2627 meeksg@assembly.state.ny.us
Olga Mendez (D-L-R) NY State Senate 212-831-0530 mendez@senate.state.ny.us
Stanley E. Michels (D-L) NYC Council 212-740-5839 michels@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Gifford Miller (D) NYC Council 212-535-6098 miller@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Velmanette Montgomery (D) NY State Senate 718-237-4137 montgome@senate.ny.us
Jerrold Nadler (D-L) U.S. Congress 202-225-6923 jnadler@mail.house.gov
Jerome X. O'Donovan (D-C) NYC Council 718-816-8407 m49odono@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Thomas V. Ognibene (R-C-RTL) NYC Council 718-326-3549 ognibene@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
George Onorato (D) NY State Senate 718-726-2036 onorato@senate.state.ny.us
Frank Padavan (R-C) NY State Senate 718-343-0354 padavan@senate.state.ny.us
Antonio Pagan (D-L) NYC Council 212-477-0776 pagan@csu.council.nyu.ny.us
David Paterson (D-L) NY State Senate 212-678-0001 paterson@senate.state.ny.us
Bill Paxon (R) U.S. Congress 202 225-5910 bpaxon@hr.house.gov
N. Nick Perry (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-385-3339 perryn@assembly.state.ny.us
Audrey I. Pheffer (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-945-9549 pheffea@assembly.state.ny.us
Mary Pinkett (D) NYC Council 718-857-5524 pinkett@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Jules Polonetsky (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-265-6537 polonej@assembly.state.ny.us
Adam Clayton Powell IV (D-L) NYC Council 212-427-7540 powell@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Roberto Ramirez (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-933-2535 ramirer@assembly.state.ny.us
Charles B. Rangel (D-L) U.S. Congress 202-225-0816 rangel@hr.house.gov
John A. Ravitz (R-L) NY State Assembly 212-861-5273 ravitzj@assembly.state.ny.us
Peter M. Rivera (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-931-2915 riverap@assembly.state.ny.us
Victor L. Robles (D-L) NYC Council 718-963-4527 m34roble@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
David Rosado (D-L) NY State Senate 718-991-8177 rosado@senate.state.ny.us
Israel Ruiz Jr. (D-L) NYC Council 718-220-0721 ruiz@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
John D. Sabini (D) NYC Council 718-507-2982 sabini@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
John Sampson (D-L) NY State Senate 718-649-7661 sampson@senate.state.ny.us
Nellie Santiago (D-L) NY State Senate 718-827-6010 santiago@senate.state.ny.us
William Scarborough (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-949-7235 scarbow@assembly.state.ny.us
Lawrence B. Seabrook (D) NY State Senate 718-515-2718 seabrook@senate.state.ny.us
Jose E. Serrano (D) U.S. Congress 202-225-6001 jserrano@hr.house.gov
Reverand Al Sharpton, National Action Network, 212-987-5024 FAX
Archie Spigner (D-L) NYC Council 718-776-3798 spigner@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Alfonso Stabile (R-C) NYC Council 718-843-5561 stabile@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Robert A. Straniere (R-C-RTL) NY State Assembly 718-987-4593 stanir@assembly.state.ny.us
Scott M. Stringer (D-L) NY State Assembly 212-873-6520 strings@assembly.state.ny.us
Albert Vann (D) NY State Assembly 718-919-0744 vanna@assembly.state.ny.us
Guy J. Velella (R-C-D) NY State Senate 718-792-3924 velella@senate.state.ny.us
Rudy Washington Deputy Mayor 212-788-0070
Juanita Watkins (D-L) NYC Council 718-527-4402 m31watki@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Anthony D. Weiner (D) NYC Council 718-332-9010 weiner@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Helene E. Weinstein (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-769-4846 weinsth@assembly.state.ny.us
Mark S. Weprin (D-L) NY State Assembly 718-428-8575 weprinm@assembly.state.ny.us
Thomas White, Jr. (D-L) NYC Council 718-322-6125 white@csu.council.nyc.ny.us
Keith L.T. Wright (D-L) NY State Assembly 212-864-1368 wrightk@assembly.state.ny.us

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Contact Jack Ballinger at nychaspotlight@netscape.net
for a Real Audio sound clip containing a
conversation wherein DOI Investigator
John Kilpatrick discusses how he learned
that 2 NYCHA execs attended
a Mafia connected contractor's funeral .

Contact Jack Ballinger at nychaspotlight@netscape.net
for a Real Audio sound clip containing
the (3 Meg) confession of Tony DiAlto.
Tony was a member of a group of
corrupt Contract Inspectors working at NYCHA.
Neither Tony nor the person he confessed to
sharing his bribes with (Richard Penesi)
were ever charged, let alone prosecuted, by DOI.

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