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Illegal Government Research of Microwave Audiograms in NYC

Posted by Robert Grucela on July 20, 1997 at 22:46:59:

Something every tenant in New York City should know and that every person thinking of moving to New York City in the future should be aware of. Externally-induced audio input. Through the wall transmissions of microwaves/sounds that cause the schizofrenic sensation of "hearing voices" are being tested on tenants in New York City. Please read my letter to Lambda Legal Defense below:
7/16/97 11:41:25 AM

Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
120 Wall Street
Suite 1500
New York, NY 10005
Attention: "Mary"

Dear Sirs,

I am not smart. In the month of December of 1990, just days after my lover died of Aids, I noticed that the radio receiver next to my bed was on and that a radio station was playing at a very low volume. That was unusual since I never used it for that purpose. I turned the receiver off but the music continued to play. I unplugged it from the wall but the music persisted. It was just the beginning of years of the type of "harassment" that I have described in some detail below."

I recently called Lambda Legal Defense to obtain legal advice. I spoke to a woman who said her name was "Mary" and briefly described my situation. I have been an HIV+ asymptomatic for over 14 years now. I am a 40 year-old gay man. It has come to my attention that the government of the United States is using HIV+ individuals for secret scientific research. At first, volunteer participants were used. However, when people became aware that their participation usually resulted in insanity or death, they stopped volunteering. That limited the government's experiments to 'involuntary experimentees' such as prisoners, mental patients, (and now HIV+s), and ordinary people in society-without their consent, and secretly.

WHY are they doing this? It's a game or sport to some people, but for the government it's in the name of "research", or "weapons testing". These transmissions of microwave pulses that carry voices to selected "weapons testing" victims have been going on for more than two decades. A by-product of World War II microwave research. They wanted to find a way to transmit signals to submarines without a visible antenna. There has been little published about this phenomenon, and since direct-to-skull voice transmissions are consistently mis-interpreted by psychiatrists as 'schizophrenia', getting this information to the public needs concerted attention. Especially those who are HIV+ or impoverished because the government can always justify it in the name of National Security. And who's more expendable?

They're trying to create the "perfect" soldier of the future. It's entrainment through mind-control. A pre-conditioning for the eventual long-term overt harassment that is to be endured. I had no choice in this matter it was forced upon me. And furthermore, I have no power to stop it either. It has lowered my living standard and I can not afford legal defense. Only the members of the technical elite have any defense against this type of harassment. They have threatened -- in the most sublime way possible - death, if I do not cooperate. My lover died from gastrointestinal complications that are also a side effect of this type of harassment.

Please note some information was gathered and re-organized in an abstract form from this web-site: - Meet the Victims!

Julianne McKinney of The Association of National Security Alumni reports that The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) discovered that "externally-induced auditory input" could be achieved by means of pulsed microwave audiograms, or analogs of spoken words' sounds. By "piggybacking" audio transmissions onto standard FM frequencies the effect on the receiving end is the (schizophrenic) sensation of hearing "voices" which are no part of the recipients' own thought processes. Designed to drive a target crazy, it is also intended to persuade the individual that he is under surveillance.

Apparently all that was needed was an initial sound wave from the stereo receiver to establish a "mind to mind" connection - like a telephone call - by hostile people. The reason the harassment is so "overt" is to precondition an individual for eventual mind-control and entrainment. It creates a false sense of loyalty. But, the technology exists and has been around since World War II a by-product of the governments experiments with microwave transmission. It's very inexpensive now, and can be bought by "ham" operators at a very low cost.

By increasing the prolonged stress in various ways, or by inducing physical sensations or emotional ones-such as unexplained fear or nervousness-(once the connection to the Central Nervous System (CNS) is established anything is possible). A thorough alteration of a person's thinking process due to the sustained emotional trauma and lack of sleep ensues. A sort of brainwashing effect occurs, causing confusion and delusional thinking. Leaving the mind blank for thought insertions or commands.

This is monstrous manipulation, "mind-control experimentation" and "torture" pure and simple. "Mary" at the Lambda Legal Defense Fund asked me what sort of discrimination, or civil rights violations were involved? Well, ALL OF THEM! These people have "PLAYED GOD". Her apathy doesn't surprise me because I have not been able to attain any form of legal redress due to a lack of interest, courage and/or competency in legal circles.

I have visited scores of attorneys, hospitals, clinics, city agencies, and district judges and police departments. However, I did not possess the vocabulary at that time to describe the events that took place. I was under severe stress because of the continued presence of the audio hallucinations and could not communicate intelligently nor without appearing distracted. They all angrily refused to help, or offer any advice. I played extended games of tag with them. I wrote to every government agency that I could think of, FBI, CIA, etc. and requested any documentation or information that they might have. This turned up no results. I was humiliated. Then I got my computer, went on the internet and dialed up "Brain AND Illegal Surveillance AND Law AND Hiv AND Discrimination AND Gay AND Civil Rights" and found Julianne McKinney's web-site and some others too.

The side effects from the many drug combinations that I have tried in order to diminish the lingering psychotic manifestations have been devastating as well. Xanax, cogentin, trazadone, depacote, stellazine, mellarill, and prozac to name just a few. And the sleeping aids that are extremely addictive like ambien (the mildest of the ones that I have tried) and valium.

WHY was this done to me? Besides my HIV status and some of the reasons I have listed above? It's often a case of retaliation against "whistleblower" activities. I wrote a letter to the New York Attorney General reporting - what I thought - was a building violation. I may have upset the wrong people. Sometimes people with connections with government intelligence personnel have been known to use them. Or, it could have been retaliation by my employer at the time. Fairchild Publications. I heard a rumor that they didn't know I was HIV+ when they hired me and as a result they had to fold a magazine instead of firing me. Maybe my Hiv status is not as secret as they claim it is. Are the files at GMHC really that secure? The truth is the necessary equipment needed to produce this effect is rapidly decreasing in price. Any "ham" operator with microwave transmission knowledge can apply this technology if wanted. It could be all of them.
But not, none of them. Technology like this, doesn't appear overnight. Fact is, I simply do not know and if it's "classified" material do you really think they are just going to tell me? Fundamentally, I think, at heart it's just a "class war". Aren't we involved in a struggle at this very moment to be included in this societies long-held tradition of "marriage". Wouldn't that anger some people? After all they accuse us of wanting "special rights".

THIS ACTIVITY however, violates ALL of our basic civil and human rights and must be stopped! And what about the Nuremburg Military Tribunals statement about Permissible Medical Experiments put forth by the Nuremberg Military Tribunals' Trials of War Criminals.

And finally, you ask, "HOW do I know this"? That's incredible. I have the physical sensations. I hear the "voices". I've seen them at the post office when I sent for my files under FOIPA. I've seen them roll in and out a very large instrument into my neighbors apartment, that was blanketed at the time. People in my building knew what was happening and urged me to just "forget it". In fact many of my friends still do.

Go to the web-sites look at some of the victims testimonials and decide for yourself. I cannot recreate a multi-multimillion dollar lab environment to prove my point. My MRI is normal. If you don't do something about this and soon. It will be too late.

If you doubt the validity of any of my statements please visit the web site I have listed.


Robert Grucela
Easton, PA


"Four months ago, when this Project commenced, we approached these
complaints of government harassment and experimentation with an
admitted 'high degree of caution' We are no longer skeptical."
Julianne McKinney, December 1992
Director, Electronic Surveillance Project
Association of National Security Alumni
Electronic Surveillance Project
PO Box 13625
Silver Spring, MD 20911-3625
(301) 608-3625

Send for this title:
Development of a National Policy and Employing Non-lethal Means in a New Strategic Era
Prepared by :Janet Morris U.S. Global Strategy Council 1800 K Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20006 (202) 466-6029
This is TORTURE not "harassment"! Once the connection to the Central Nervous System is established, any of the senses involving the CNS can be affected. Hearing, Smell, Vision, Touch and Taste can all be influenced. Also the involuntary senses called the autonomic system including the heart, lungs and digestion can be interfered with. Sudden all-body arousal similar to a large injection of caffeine can be administered at early morning hours. The results of this can be monstrously effective. Once this connection is established a "master-slave" situation ensues. Commands can be given, thoughts can be inserted. You can also be made to do forced labor. Or be pressed into any service virtuous or not! -- Robert Grucela AndWhyU@aolcom

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