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TenantNet note: These Fact Sheets were published by CTRC in the mid-1990's. Some information will be out-of-date. As far as we know, there have been no updates to these fact sheets. While much of the information may still be valid, the reader should exercise caution.

The Community Training Resource Center (CTRC) is a city-wide not- for-profit organization that champions the rights of modest and low-income tenants and promotes the preservation, improvement, and expansion of affordable housing. CTRC provides training and technical assistance for neighborhood housing groups, community based organizations, legislative staffs and social service providers.

CTRC produces fact sheets on tenants' rights, develops and publishes research reports, and provides a written guide to New York City government processes. CTRC advocates on budget policies that affect housing and related services in low-income neighborhoods. CTRC has led the campaign for the improvement and expansion of the city's Housing Maintenance Code inspection and enforcement services.

General Tenants Rights

For Rent Regulated Tenants

Services and Repairs


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