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TenantNet note: These Fact Sheets were published by CTRC in the mid-1990's. Some information will be out-of-date. As far as we know, there have been no updates to these fact sheets. While much of the information may still be valid, the reader should exercise caution.

CTRC Fact Sheets -- reproduced with permission.

The Community Training Resource Center (CTRC) is a city-wide not-
for-profit organization that champions the rights of modest and
low-income tenants and promotes the preservation, improvement,
and expansion of affordable housing. CTRC provides training and
technical assistance for neighborhood housing groups, community
based organizations, legislative staffs and social service

CTRC produces fact sheets on tenants' rights, develops and
publishes research reports, and provides a written guide to New
York City government processes. CTRC advocates on budget policies
that affect housing and related services in low-income
neighborhoods. CTRC has led the campaign for the improvement and
expansion of the city's Housing Maintenance Code inspection and
enforcement services.

CTRC Fact Sheet #400


NOTE: As the width of this chart is formatted for 80 columns, it
has been broken into two parts. Part A lists resources in the
boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Part B lists
resources in the boroughs of Bronx and Staten Island. The chart
is best displayed in a monospace font such as courier.


PART A (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens)

Type of Records      Manhattan        Brooklyn           Queens

Assessed Valuation   Municipal Bldg   Municipal Bldg     90-25 Sutphin Blvd
(NYC Dept            1 Centre St.#910 210 Joralemon St.  3rd Floor
of Finance)          NY 10007         Brooklyn 11201     Jamaica 11435
                     (212)669-4896    (718)802-3550      (718)658-4626

Tax Records          150 Nassau St.   As above           90-15 Sutphin Blvd
(NYC Dept            5th Floor        Room I             1st Floor
of Finance/          (718)935-6000    (718)935-6000      (718)935-6000
City Collector)

Bldg Ownership       39 Broadway      As above           126-06 Queens Blvd
& Code Violations    9th Floor        Room 809           Room 205
(NYC HPD, Div. of    NY 10006         (718)802-3520      Kew Gardens 11415
Code Enforcement     (212)487-4545                       (718)520-3424
Register. Section)

Building Plans       60 Hudson St.    As above           As above
(CofO's, NYC         5th Floor        Room 815           Rooms 101 & 301
Dept of Buildings)   NY 10013         (718)802-3675      (718)520-3423

Mortgages & Deeds,   31 Chambers St.  As above           90-27 Sutphin Blvd
Federal Tax Liens,   Rms 202          2nd Floor          2nd Floor
Uniform Comm. Code   NY 10007         (718)802-3590      Jamaica 11435
(NYC Dept of         (212)788-8527                       (718)658-4600
Finance, City

City-Owned           2 Lafayette St.  (In Manhattan)     (In Manhattan)
Real Property        Room 2000
(Div. of Real        NY 10007
Property)            (212)442-0540

Fire Code Viol.      (In Brooklyn)    250 Livingslon St. (In Brooklyn)
(NYC Bureau of                        4th Floor, Rm 433
Fire Prevention)                      Brooklyn 11201

Health Code Viol.    Bur. of Invest.  (In Manhattan)     (In Manhattan)
(NYC Dept of         65 Worth St.
Health)              2nd Floor
                     NY 10013
                     (212)334 7703

Landlord/Tenant      111 Centre St.   141 Livingston St. 120-55 Queens Blvd
(Housing Court)      Room 118         Room 203           Room G-ll
                     NY 10013         Brooklyn 11201     Kew Gardens 11424
                     (212)374-8416    (718)643-7528,9    (718)520-3436

Small Claims Court   As above         As above           As above
                     Room 323         Room 201           Room G-20
                     (212)791-6000    (212)791-6000      (212)791-6000

State Supreme Court  60 Centre St.    360 Adams St.      88-11 Sulphill Blvd
(County Clerks       Rms 109,117,141  Room 190           Room 106
Offices)             NY 10007         Brooklyn 11201     Jamaica 11435
                     (212)374-8742    (718)643-7037      (718)520-3136

Claims, Liens        As above         As above           As above
Against Real

Borough Rent         (South of 110th) 55 Hansen Place    Gertz Plaza
Offices (NYS Div.    156 William St.  7th Floor          92-31 Union Hall St.
of Housing and       9th Floor        Brooklyn 11217     Jamaica 11433
Community            NY 10038         (718)722-4780      (718)739-6400
Renewal)             (212)240-6000

                     (North of 110th)
                     163 West 125th St.
                     5th Floor
                     NY 10027


PART B (Bronx and Staten Island)

Type of Records          Bronx               Staten Island

Assessed Valuation       1932 Arthur Ave.    350 St.Mark's Place
(NYC Dept of Finance)    Room 701            Room 203
                         Bronx 10457         S.I. 10301
                         (718)579-6950       (718)390-5295

Tax Records              As above            As above
(NYC Dept of Finance/    Room 102            Room 200
City Collector)          (718)935-6000       (718)935-6000

Bldg Ownership & Code    As above            Borough Hall
Violations (NYC HPD,     Room 301            2 Richmond Terrace,
Div. of Code Enforcement (718)579-6772       Rm 224
Register. Section)                           S.I. 10301

Building Plans (CofO's)  As above            As above
(NYC Dept of             5th Floor &         Rooms 200, 214 & 215
Buildings)               Room 500            (718)816-2310

Mortgages & Deeds,       As above            18 Richmond Terrace
Federal Tax Liens,       3rd Floor           Room 103
Uniform Comm. Code       (718)579-6820       S.I. 10301
(NYC Dept of Finance,                        (718)390-5386
City Register)

City-Owned Real Property (In Manhattan)      (In Manhattan)
(Div. of Real Property)

Fire Code Violations     (In Brooklyn)       (In Brooklyn)
(NYC Bureau of Fire

Health Code Violations   (In Manhattan)      (In Manhattan)
(NYC Dept of Health)

Landlord.Tenant Court    851 Grand Concourse 927 Castleton Ave.
(Housing Court)          Ground Floor        Basement
                         Bronx 10451         S.I. 10310
                         (718)590-3570-3     (718)390-5420

Small Claims Court       850 Walton Ave.     As above
                         Room 111            (212)791-6000
                         Bronx 10451

State Supreme Court      851 Grand Concourse 18 Richmond Terrace
(County Clerks Offices)  Room 118            Rooms 100 & 103
                         Bronx 10451         S.I. 10301
                         (718)590-3646       (718)390-5396

Claims, Liens Against    As above            As above
Real Property            (718)590-3640

Borough Rent Offices     1 Fordham Plaza     350 St. Mark's Place
(NYS Div. of Housing     Bronx 10458         Room 105
and Community            (718)563-5700       S.I. 10301
Renewal)                 (This is also the   (718)816-0277
                         DHCR Exec. Offices
                         and Litigation Unit
                         where legal papers are


Except for Gertz Plaza, the above DHCR Borough Rent Offices do
not proccss complaints. They only distribute complaint forms and
counsel tenants and landlords. Current service, rent and lease
complaints, and petitions for administrative review by tenants,
and applications by landlords of regulated apartments are
processed at:

NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal
Gertz Plaza, 92-31 Union Hall Street -- 4th Floor
Jamaica, New York 11433
     Switchboard -- (718)262-4000
     Hotline/Public Information -- (718)739-6400

The DHCR Enforcement Unit that processes harassment cases and
holds hearings is at the William Street address in lower

The NYC Division of Code Enforcement maintains a city-wide office
to receive phone complaints of violations of the housing codes.
This is the widely advertised number for heat and hot water
complaints during the winter months. However. any violation can
be reported to it. The number is (212)824-4328

NYC also administers the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption
(SCRIE) program that provides eligible seniors relief from future
rent increases. The SCRIE Unit is located at 150 William Street
4th Fl., NY, NY 10038.  The number is (212)240-7000


These article are Copyright 1995 and 1996 by Community Training Resource
Center (CTRC) and reproduced by TenantNet. They may be freely
redistributed in their entirety provided they are reproduced exactly
as in the originals, including this copyright notice, the opening and
closing informational banners and any references to either CTRC
or TenantNet must be included.

These article are provided as is without any express or implied
warranty. While any information in these article is believed to be
correct at the time of writing, these articles are for educational
purposes only and do not purport to provide legal advice. If
you require legal advice, you should consult with a legal
practitioner licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.

Community Training Resource Center                (212)964-7200
47 Ann Street
New York, NY 10038

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