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Is my apartment illegal? Landlord want to go to court

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Is my apartment illegal? Landlord want to go to court

Postby Kovic88 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:19 pm

I currently live in queens, ny and am dealing with a slumlord.
The so called apartment is structured like this : you walk in the front entrance go up the stairs where there are 3 seperate rooms a kitchen and bathroom where originally it was one big room that they converted into 2 , they have a window inbetween this wall so the wall does not go all the way . Then there is the cellar where they put a room up there and a bathroom.

We have no fire escape ( I am on the 3rd floor)
There is only one exit to the building which is all the way downstair
The conditions are terrible we have bugs and mice and we were promised they would fix up the apartment when we moved in and they have not.

He has been getting violated since 2002 and has not done much with the apartment. I have not been paying him rent because of these conditions , I had a one year lease. They never evicted me . Its been one month since my lease has been up and I'm still here and they have not said a word until recently they hit me with court papers, to get me out. Am I responsible for the rent ? And what can be my defense?
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