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Major Problems, Hoping For Some Guidance...

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Major Problems, Hoping For Some Guidance...

Postby mookie55 » Fri May 22, 2009 11:18 pm

I just received a ruling in a housing court non-pay case, and unfortunately it was bad news in every way possible. I seem to have run into a brick wall down at 111 Centre where I just can't get anything favorable coming my way. Throughout the housing court process I was self-represented---couldn't afford a lawyer, couldn't find any pro bono assistance either, and so just had to do the best I could.

Anyway, I've received this ruling allowing me 5 days to come up with an awful lot of money that I don't have, and am searching for anything I can do to avoid being out on the street.

First thing I was wondering about, if anyone on this forum happens to know, is with this "five day" time frame. Am I correct in thinking you can attach an additional five days for having received the ruling by mail? I'm trying to pinpoint as best as possible exactly what amount of time I have to work with. Anyone happen to know?

Second, I think the ruling I received is bogus. It even misrepresents alot of the facts of the matter. When it doesn't have the facts wrong, it appears to distort the facts that were a part of the circumstances. I don't put a good deal of faith in attempting to reargue things with this Judge, but was wondering if a Motion to Reargue extends the time frame you have for money or an eviction? I wouldn't mind the re-argument, and think it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a record presented to the Court that attempts to get the facts straight, but if it doesn't extend the time frame I have to work with, I think it probably wouldn't be worthwhile. Anyone happen to know how that works? Does reargument extend, or do you reargue with the same five day period in play?

Third, if the reargument doesn't extend the time frame, then I was considering whether it was possible for me to do anything with the Appellate Term? Anyone here have any familiarity with that aspect of the process? I'm wondering if there's anything I can file that would cause the Appellate Term to stay an eviction while the matter is being considered by them? Given the specifics of the Judge's decision I will wind up filing an appeal no matter what, but was wondering if there was anything in particular that I can attempt now that will have the matter reviewed before an eviction, rather than after when it won't do alot of good.

Last, I am going to have to seek funds through Public Assistance. I'm not sure how much I can get through them, and have my doubts that they can help me to the extent that will be required, but of course I will have to try. The thing is that I know any efforts through HRA take time, and they don't get much of anything done down there within just a few days. If there is some prospect of money through them, like a one shot deal, is there some mechanism I can use to get some more time wihile funds from them are forthcoming. Anyone have info on that?

If anyone out there has some other thoughts on areas I haven't mentioned that you think might be worthwhile for me to examine under these circumstances please let me know as well. I think I have a really good argument against the Judge's ruling, but need to make really quick determinations on what if anything I can do before I become homeless.

Thanks for any input. Much appreciated! Oh, and did I forget to say YIKES!!!! and HELP!!!!!!
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