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Yes, we have farts, and they give us
the True Essence of Blinstrubs...
The way God intended

Matthew Blinstrub is getting married. Maybe he was raised in China. Mr. Toodles should have seen that one coming.

But here is another Matthew Blinstrub, also getting married who has had good upbringing, who respects his heritage and -- thank you Jesus -- is staying in the church! This is the one to watch.

Did Toodles raise a brood bereft of manners? MEB would know better. The O'Neills (well, at least JPO and AO) would not resort to such insults. Even 'Bless Her Heart' would not stand for this behavior. She might embezzle Anywho's estate and ruin the land for everyone else, but would she pull a stunt like Toodles has done? Never!

Toodles is using his own son's wedding to settle a personal score.

Mary Cecilia, Blin, Withold and Tecla must be turning in their graves!

Toodles, it seems, is low on oxygen.

Instead of thinking of the emptyness of the recently departed, Cece writes Poetry!

Weather at The Road

Some Asshole in Cheboygan

Live from Plum Island, to our horror, she sings!

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