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Unleased dog on 2-family dwelling - Nassau County

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Unleased dog on 2-family dwelling - Nassau County

Postby seekingease » Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:47 am

I have been living in this 2-family dwelling for close to 2 years. The landlord lived downstairs, and moved in January due to the cost of living in NY. She moved to Virginia. Before she moved, she made me aware that there were two tenants moving in. I asked if they had children, she said no. It would be just them two. When the tenant moved in, I found out they had a dog when I heard it barking at the door.

The property is a 2-family dwelling with same door used at exit/entrance. The landlord instructs them to use the side to get in and out of the property and the front door, they use to check their mail. The landlord allowed the dog on the property without making me aware of it and says that the dog is friendly is does not have to remain on a leash. I spoke with the tenant who has the dog and he agreed that when we come in and out of the property that he would put the dog on a leash.

At least 3x per week, the dog runs after and barks as I walk in and out of the front door. When I spoke to the tenant, all they say is sorry, and continue to do the same. I spoke with the codes department of Valley Stream and they said that since it is on the landlord property, I would have to speak with the landlord.

I wrote a letter and spoke with her yesterday. She told me the dog is friendly and does not know why I can't get along with it. If it was friendly, it wouldn't be running after me barking or lunging at me at the front gate when I enter. She says that her family met the dog, and the dog was friendly to them. Meanwhile, me, who pays rent on-time was not giving any courtesy. She says that she is not going to tell them to put their dog on a leash and she changed their leash around to stipulate that they can have a dog. The reason why I lease says no dogs is that she wanted to restrict certain breeds. Even though the mailman, 60-year old woman complained to me about the dog, when I told the LL, she told me that it's her job to deliver the mail and doesn't care if she is bothered my the dog. She told me that I would have to deal with the dog.

Do I have any right to complain about this dog to any department in Valley Stream, NY? I carry pepper spray to use as defense against the dog. Do I have any rights as the upstairs tenant?
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