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Can landlord use any old discharged cases to evict me?

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Can landlord use any old discharged cases to evict me?

Postby emclarks » Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:20 am

Hello friends!
I am not sure if this is a right place to discuss this, but I need every help I can get. So please help me if it is possible. I am of Canadian origin moved here a few years back. I am legally an American now and I have a decent job in a well known company. All these years, I have been staying at this place and I am paying the rent according to the contract. A few months back, my landlord asked for a heavily increased rent and we got into a small fight as it wasn't affordable to me. Also law was with me, so he had no voice. recently, I came to know that he is trying to use some old charges I had faced during my Canadian life against me. That was an old assault accusation by a neighbor which was later discharged due to lack of evidence. I even got to New York after that. So I am thinking I am safe. But I am a little worried about the fact that my landlord was able to find out about it and trying to use it. can someone advise me about it? Am I safe? Is there anything I should do?
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Re: Can landlord use any old discharged cases to evict me?

Postby TenantNet » Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:38 am

You posted in the NYS forum (here that means upstate NY state, not NYC), yet you say the law was on your side ... suggesting you're covered by rent stabilization. Please clarify.

When you say he is trying to use "old charges," it's not clear what you mean. First, has he filed a proceeding in court against you? You question would be meaningless unless he had. And what do you mean by "old charges?" I don't see what relevance an assault charge, proven or not, with or without any conviction, would have on a housing matter.

That is, unless - as you say - you mean the "small fight" was really a physical fight and there's a new assault charge and this is not a housing case at all. And when you say "the law was with me, did you mean on an assault charge, not a housing dispute?

So if that's the case, then perhaps this isn't the best forum for you. And as for asking if you are safe, well we can't say. I would suggest you retain an attorney is this is really an assault charge. He/She can probably answer your questions.
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