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Question regarding negligence

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Question regarding negligence

Postby Thisguy02 » Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:22 pm

I'm a tenant living in NY in the hudson valley area in a complex and have a question regarding "negligence." My apartment annually inspects every renewal and I had problems with the bathroom. This is a studio apartment, I just want to know what to expect after this situation.

The bathroom was very old and had a ceramic floor. Part of the floor near the tub would sink and it was always like that. It never went past there though. The cabinet/sink combo was also old from the start. Part of the front layer would peel so I left it alone. The toilet was an old bone shaded toilet with a white seat. It's never had problems but I couldn't reach behind it to really clean it. So it was pretty black behind there I'm sure.

After the first year, they recaulked my bath tub and I did my best to maintain it. The room's very small and the humidity's always a problem. The water from the shower would hit the cabinet though and it was already used by the previous tenant. So I'm sure that didn't help. They put in a slash guard but it didn't last much.

On the second inspection I told him about my troubles with the grout linining on the tub tiles and he told me to just keep cleaning it and let the humidity out. I also told him about the faucet feeling a tad loose but still looking and he simply tightened it up with some tools. Unrelated to the bathroom I told him I think the kitchen ceiling light might need to be looked at, but it was fine. At times the light wouldn't go on but after flipping the switch again it was fine. He did something and it worked again.

On this recent inspection since then I had some problems, but they had a different guy inspecting. I noticed the ceiling light had issues but was still working and the guy's response was that all the apartments are like that. He went to my bathroom and I admit I forgot to tell them my pop up went off. He didn't make a big deal about it but noticed my showerhead dripping. There were a few occasions where I remember tightening the knob unexpectedly realizing there was still water going but never thought much of it. So I asked if he could look at the leak. However, when this inspector entered he was very concerned about the floor by the tub sinking. I told him it's always been like that and he wanted to talk with the previous inspector and to come back the next day. I gave them permission to enter without me.

That next day after work I came home and my bathroom was without a sink, had new floors, and they swapped at a shower knob. I also had a new toilet out of nowhere. I had to call and ask about the plumbing because I didn't want to use it if it woulda been a problem. They said it was ok.

This is where I am concerned now. After all this was done I went to the office to tell her how it went. She tells me that I was negligent and that she normally doesn't have her workers working under those conditions. I wasn't sure what she meant. I told her I clean the tub as much as possible and use the cleaning recommendations they recommend. So I'm confused as to what she was implying. I can understand if they wished I mentioned something about the showerhead leaking but I don't know what "conditions" she's talking about. I was also never called once about the renovations or told about them and I had to call to ask if it was ok to use the water in there since it took two days.

Should I be expecting any issues in the future in regards to this? I already renewed my lease. Do you think they'd potentially raise future rent next lease because of this or not want me to renew anymore? I'm just very confused because they renovated the bathroom outta nowhere without telling me and told me it was because I was negligent here.
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