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30 day notice given two weeks in advance and I found a place

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30 day notice given two weeks in advance and I found a place

Postby mordezlet » Sat Apr 25, 2015 8:26 pm

My roommate gave me 30 days notice two weeks in advance. I found a place for the start of the month. He wants to hold me hostage to the final month rent because it's more financially convenient for him. He says I'm obliged to him for the entire next month. I thought 30 days notice meant I had 30 days to vacate and that rent should be prorated?

I stated to him 30 days notice would be until the middle of the next month, therefore, he would owe me half a month's rent and utilities.

What does the law say on this matter?

Thank you in advance ; )
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Re: 30 day notice given two weeks in advance and I found a p

Postby TenantNet » Sat Apr 25, 2015 11:54 pm

Please answer the following as much as you can. Do not put any persoanl information on the forum.

There are a number of separate issues here. Your right to stay for 30 days is one thing. What obligations you might have is something else.

Is this a private apartment? How many units in the building (approx.). Are you on a lease with the landlord (building owner) in the same way the other tenant is? In other words are you co-tenants?

Or is your roommate the only one on the lease with the building owner? If so, do you have a lease or agreement on your own between you and the prime tenant (not with the landlord)?

Do you know if this is a rent stabilized unit? If so, Is the rent you are being charged more than 50% of the legal rent with DHCR?

How long have you lived in the unit?

When did you get the notice? Was it in writing? What is the exact wording? Are you on a cycle that starts at the beginning of each month?

Have you paid April's rent? Did you give a deposit to the roommate when you moved in? Was it the same as one month's rent? Did you also give the roommate what is called "last month's rent?" And do you pay your share of utilities in advance?
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