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Changing The Intercom Info to a different phone.

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Changing The Intercom Info to a different phone.

Postby 14thStreeter » Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:25 pm

Not sure if this is where I post this. But, My roommate died two years ago. We had the intercom connected to her landline, which both of us had access to. Now, with her landline shut off, the landlord is refusing to change the information on the buzzer so it rings my phone. I've been trying for two year to do this.

I'm in a six-floor walkup rent-stabilized apartment and when my roommate died they offered a joke of a buyout which I refused. I feel they're just planning on ignoring any requests I have about anything.

I really need the buzzer. During this pandemic, deliveries are paramount and dealing with this has become a full-time job, getting things re-routed to someplace I can pick up, since even when I'm home, deliverers count me as not home.

Is there a way to force the landlord to do this? It is removing service I once had. I'm trying now to contect the Linear access company to see if I can get them to do it for me.

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Re: Changing The Intercom Info to a different phone.

Postby TenantNet » Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:59 pm

First, you don't say ... are you a tenant on the lease in this unit, or just a roommate? That can make a difference.

As I understand it, because the old phone is no longer operating, if anyone presses the buzzer at the entrance to your building, then no one will hear it. Is this correct? In effect there is no buzzer.

First, search for "buzzer" on this forum and on this site.

This is a violation of section 50-a of the NYS Multiple Dwelling Law. See http://tenant.net/Other_Laws/MDL/mdl03.html

I thought if might also be in the NYC Housing Maintenance Code, but could not find it.

And, in addition, this would be a reduction in service, for which you could file a complaint with DHCR (although we do not recommend that).

If you wish, you can call 311 and ask for an inspection and a violation. Unfortunately you can't take photos.

You can send the LL a letter and demand it be fixed, or you will consider taking action, either by making a complaint or otherwise. You do not have to say what the "action" is (keep them guessing). But you can withhold rent over this. Let the LL know why you are withholding rent. If you do that, then keep any rent in escrow. Remember to document anything you do.
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