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Electrical Upgrade / Multiple IAIs

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Electrical Upgrade / Multiple IAIs

Postby Melly247 » Thu Jun 11, 2020 2:03 pm

I live in a rest stabilized apartment in Lower East Side for almost 30 years. My apartment has 2 - 15amp fuses. The living/bedroom is on one circuit and the kitchen/bathroom is the other circuit. My fuses kept on blowing, so I stopped using 2 ACs and bought a lower power AC but my lights dim regardless when the AC cooling kicks on or the microwave which is on the different circuit but still seems to affect it overall.

I plan on bringing this up with the building manager and to be on the safer side, willing to pay for an IAI to have it all renovated from fuse to circuit panel and run new wires within the apartment and prob new service lines from the meter and possibly also have some other upgrades done as well. My hope is that it will cheaper now then say another 5-10 years from now when it becomes an issue.

I know IAI is limited to $15k and up to 3 within 15 years. Will the electrical upgrade fall under an IAI and can the landlord apply multiple IAI at the same time.

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Re: Electrical Upgrade / Multiple IAIs

Postby TenantNet » Thu Jun 11, 2020 2:31 pm

Two circuits, wow! My apartment started with one 15 A. fuse. You quickly learn you can't run the AC and the toaster at the same time. If lights on one curcuit dim when you are running appliances on the other circuit, you might have wiring problems further upstream than where your fuses are located. Ratings for the wire circuits are based on average usage. While you average wall outlet is rated at 15 A. (1800 watts), if you operated 15 A. on each wall plug, you would have problems quickly.

Same upstream ... the service capacity for the building is based on the average for all apartments. High usage will likely impact the main fuses for the building.

See if the LL is willing to do it without charging you. You never know.

For an IAI, they might have to run a service box for just your apartment of line and run new feeders from the basement.

Depending on your building and the residents, you might be willing to do a building power upgrade and have MCI's charged to all tenants. Since 2019, MCI's are limited at 2% per year and no MCIs if the building has 35% or less RS units.
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