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On Your Privacy

Postby TenantNet » Sat Jan 27, 2007 9:40 pm

The New York Times article on illegal sublets and methods used by investigators to trick tenants into revealing information that might be used against them in court -- underscores why users of this forum should keep personally identifiable information to themselves.

The article is at http://www.tenant.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5713

First, we do not condone non-primary tenancies. The practice ultimately allows affordable units to be removed from the RS roles and it gives RS/RC an undeserved bad name. We know there are some tenants that use the system for their own profit. This is wrong.

But there are many more tenants that might have a vacation cottage used on weekends or in the summer. This is entirely legal and permissible. Unfortunately too many landlords get aggressive about these situations.

On your privacy.

We do not reveal a user's real name, address, or any other identifiable information. We will not do so without a court order.

We do not sell or rent out our mailing list.

Users, however, are responsible for their own privacy and you should not rely solely on our privacy policies to protect your own interests. Do not make your user name and real name the same. Do not list your biulding address on your forum registration.

Do not reveal any personaly information in any posts. If you have inadvertently done so, you may judiciously edit that information out of the message or reply. However, see other messages about wholesale deletion of messages (which can get a user banned from the board). Bottom line is that if the information is private, then don't put it on the forum in the first place.

Do not come back to us years from now asking to remove old messages. We won't do so.

Having run this forum for many years, probably any question can be asked and answered without revealing private information.

In very few cases, some issues may revolve around zoning or a particular address. In such cases, we may ask a user to provide us with some information by Private Mail (not on the forum) to the forum moderator, which is "TenantNet." If and when we pass any personal information along, it would be with your permission and usually to an experienced tenant activist or attorney in an effort to find answers to particular questions. In almost all cases, such questions would also be passed along in an anonymous fashion.

Be careful about sending Private Mail with any information to users you may not know. Like any anonymous public forum, there are users that may try to obtain your information, or may use your information in ways that are not to your benefit.
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