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New User policy

Postby TenantNet » Mon Nov 06, 2006 5:27 am

We welcome all who will use the forum in a constructive manner. See the forum rules for more information.

Like many forums, we suffer attacks from spambots and others who wish to use the forum for advertising or other inappropriate reasons. Almost every day we end up deleting registrations with bad emails and so on. We reserve the right to delete any registration that we feel is an attempt to spam the board. In some cases we also ban a domain name and/or IP number.

However, some registrations do not indicate their spam intentions initially. Because of this, we reserve the right at any time to delete user accounts with zero posts. Chances are we will not jump on a user who fails to post anything right away, but if weeks and months go by with no posts, then the likelihood of having the account deleted increases. The forum is always open to those who wish to read (and not post) and for that does not require registration.

We reiterate that users should a) not use their real name as their user name and b) should not post anything if they do not want it public. While users may judiciously edit posts, they should not engage in mass deletion. Our Forum Rules explain that further (and may get you banned). Likewise, we are not able to delete messages from the forum archives (from 2002 and earlier).
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