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How to stop landlord construction, illegal

Relating to Department of Buildings, Development and Zoning

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Postby Foster » Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:40 pm

thank you!

I have already left a message with Director, Asbestos Control Program
K. Radhakrishnan
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Postby Foster » Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:43 pm

Any Dept of Health direct lines?
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Postby Sky » Thu Mar 04, 2010 2:40 pm

Call 311 and leave a compliant with the Department of Health (DOH). Cite dust contamination from construction and asbestos.

Also, call 311 and complain to DOB. Make numerous complaints and get other tenants to as well, squeaky wheels get oiled. If you have to make 5 complaints a day every day, do it.

Go to the DOB website and search for your address. You will see the entire history of permit applications, issued permits, complaints, inspections, violations, fines, etc.

It sounds like the structure is unstable. Call it in to DOB, that always gets inspectors out ASAP. Are there no permits, is work being done beyond the scope of the permits, and/or are the permits expired, etc.? If so, call in work without permit violations DOB via 311. To the best of my knowledge, any permits in NYC for renovation/change of structure require an asbestos test prior to issuance of the permit this point is specifically stated on the permit applications 'is this an asbestos job'. Perhaps the owner neglected this or deliberated submitted fraudulent results. Again, make NUMEROUS complaints. If there is a permit, are the contractors the licensed contractors that are named on the permits, or is the owner using other illegal contractors? Snoop a little: suggest you are a building owner looking to have construction work done and get the contractor's business card. All this advice to be applied separately for construction, plumbing, and electrical issues as different permits are required for each category of work. What about fire hazards? In many buildings, for ex. in non sprinkler buildings, the walls are rated for withholding the spread of fire for x-minutes. Removal of plasterboard/plaster can alter this rating and make the building a fire hazard, therefor the DOB requires the architect/contractor to specify and build a fireproof partition surrounding the construction zone.

If need be make dozens of complaints until the city is forced to act. If need be bring in photos/videos to the DOB office. Send a copy of your evidence to the commissioner's office demanding action, etc., etc.

Good luck.
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Postby Foster » Thu Mar 04, 2010 2:51 pm

Thanks for your reply. I've done everything you mentioned and more. Things appear (today) to finally be moving somewhere in the right direction. The next couple of hours and days will tell. There are a lot of loose ends to be tied up, but at present the main focus is getting back into my apartment after it has been decontaminated. I'm on a friend's couch in Brooklyn and my fiance is displaced to NJ. It's a real mess I don't wish on anyone - unfortunately similar incidents happen everyday in NYC and I blame the lack of enforcement by the city departments that are supposed to oversee things.
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