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DOP work permit question

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DOP work permit question

Postby 575MidTownKid » Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:32 am


I live in midtown east and the owner of my building received a Work Permit this past Friday from the DOB with the following description:
Service Work / Notify Utility General Wiring
service work, risers and panels only

Does this permit them to install individual electrical boxes in each apartment? As opposed to the current set-up where all of the electrical boxes are located in the same place on the first floor.

Just seems pretty major to be described as "general wiring"...

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Re: DOP work permit question

Postby TenantNet » Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:21 pm

Can't be sure without seeing the permit. Can you send a PDF of the permit to us - us the Private Mail button to the left of each post and then attach the PDF to the post.

Alternatively you can send us (also by Private Mail) the Bin No. for the building (each building should have a unique Bin No., indicate if it's a construction, electrical, plumbing or whatever sort of permit it is, and the date.

Note that applications and permits are two separate things.

Has the LL or super said what they intend to do? And ... if anything happens, get the name and address of the people doing the work. There should be a truck with the name of the electrical firm parked out front and you can check to see if they are licensed. Generally the firm owner would have to have a license. Worker themselves don't have to have a license as long as they are supervised by someone who does have one.
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