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Housing Court Judge Refused Pro Se to introduce SRO Status

NYC Housing Court Practice/Procedures

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Housing Court Judge Refused Pro Se to introduce SRO Status

Postby SRebelO » Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:48 pm

I've just created an account though I've been to this site many times and have appreciated what I've learned, very much. Thank you! I hope I didn't learn just enough to be dangerous to myself and to others. I learned that I was being overcharged, grossly overcharged and stopped paying rent. LL filed a petition, etc., and we went to trial- I have great law and great facts on my side. The LL gave false testimony and forged documents- the Judge said so in the ruling- the Judge found my testimony to be truthful- that was in the ruling too- the Judge wouldn't allow my evidence- all public records- which proved my case- (LL attorney objected to any evidence- he had to protect LL rights and Judge agreed) Judge ruled for LL.

But of course. What else did I expect? I'm not sure what to do now. Yes, of course I'll appeal but honestly what good will it do? I cannot afford an attorney and the warrant will be issued this week for eviction. I will be homeless as I have no family to speak of and no friends I can stay with. I also have a little dog, 14 years old who is ill.

I sincerely hope someone can advise me because I really didn't believe that this outcome was possible. The harassment has been so pervasive that I'm ready to jump out of my skin-

I'm trying very hard to keep my chin up but really could use some practical encouragement and advice.

Thanks in advance-

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Postby lofter1 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:14 pm

Did you present to the court certified copies of the public documents (not merely copies that you might have made, but copies that were generated by the Agency in question and stamped with the needed mark and signature)?
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