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vacancy increase for rent-stab apt

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vacancy increase for rent-stab apt

Postby mig » Mon Jun 23, 2003 11:21 am

i have a question about my rent-stabilized apt.

i subletted it over a year ago, above-board, signing agreements with the management company and the lease-holder.

the lease expires in august. the landlord says that the apt. will be subject to the vacancy increase if i become the leaseholder - which would mean an increase in rent of about 250 on an already overpriced apartment.

this is excessive in this economy, and i want to get the increase down. do i have any leg to stand on, legally? trying to get them to come down to market rate is one thing, but i would prefer to be able to mount a challenge based on the fact that i have been the de facto resident of this apartment....

any advice appreciated.
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