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LL possibly pumping substance into apt

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LL possibly pumping substance into apt

Postby kochguit » Thu Oct 07, 2021 2:53 pm

41 years in same UES RS apt. New LL, with long established rep in this neighborhood as being violent, possibly mafia purchased building 2009. Immediately let me know I was to move out. Their personal use eviction failed, I have no intention of vacating. A long list exists of all the ongoing harrassment techniques they've employed. Here is the part where my paranoia comes into question; I swear they are pumping something gaseous into this apt. Something odorless, colorless and I am chronically sleepy, fogged in, headache and nauseous. I leave here to the great outdoors and within minutes I lose all the aforementioned conditions. My question is; Is there a precedent for this? Of all the 2 million plus RS apt's in NYC, has anyone, especially tenant atty's run into LL's pumping something illicit, possibly toxic into an apt as a means of harrassment? The commercial space downstairs is empty. The apt directly above is obvously held by a LL confederate. If no one is aware of this ever having taking place, I will quietly look into psychotropics
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Re: LL possibly pumping substance into apt

Postby TenantNet » Thu Oct 07, 2021 3:50 pm

You're right to stay the course. Hang in there.

If there is a colorless and odorless gas, how would you know other than being sleepy?

Did you have Covid, even a mild case? There is an after-effect called 'longhaulers' where some of the symptoms include fatigue. You would need to exclude all other possibilities. Of course being cooped-up in an apartment could also lead to fatigue (and also could be one's age and medical condition).

A lot of tenants report things that - as you admit - might be paranoia. It's normal. I've heard a lot of wacko speculations, but a gas in the unit might be one of the more normal suspicions.

How old is the building? It could be just a function of a slow leak. Gas pipes age and develop leaks. In my apartment, the pipe/conduit leading to the ceiling light fixture - is a former gas pipe and it still has gas coming out when the cap is unscrewed. So yes, things do happen, but it might be age or deterioration, not necessarily the LL with a scheme.

Don't go around with a match looking for a leak, but if you find something, call Con Ed ASAP. You can also do what's known as a Peppermint Test at pipe joints. Plumbers can do this.
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