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Seeking damages on inflated MCIs

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Seeking damages on inflated MCIs

Postby Rentasorus » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:22 pm

OK so re: Trump and the big NYTimes story yesterday.
Do tenants, (whether regulated or not) have any recourse to seek damages from the inflated MCI's?
Is there a statute of limitations?
Does HPD/DHCR have final say? Can they be overruled?
Class Action?
Inquiring minds.... >-)
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Re: Seeking damages on inflated MCIs

Postby TenantNet » Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:41 pm

First, are you a tenant in a building that was owned by the Trump family? Even if the building was subsequently sold to others, there might be a cause of action.

Whether applicable to Trump buildings or buildings owned by other landlords. the fraud must be proven.

As has been reported in the press, the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution is probably exceeded, but there might be civil liabilities for fraud. There might be options for DHCR to investigate and use it's subpoena power. There might be options for private tenants.

From what the article laid out, there likely was padding on MCI applications to DHCR (so just RC/RS tenants). And if tenants challenged individual IAI's, the same scheme might have been used.

Your situation would need to be vetted by a tenant attorney. I can say that after the article, today, there was an interesting discussion among tenant attorneys on possible actions.

If you fall into this category, let us know via private mail and we can direct you to a tenant attorney that could probably provide a consultation.

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