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suing landlord for nuisance due to his tenants

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suing landlord for nuisance due to his tenants

Postby bluemoon » Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:48 pm

I live under horrible neighbors. They are on section 8 and welfare, they play music all hours of day and night. They bang on the floor and send their children to harass me. Their older children do drugs and have sex behind my window.Their parents has been told about their older children's drug use,etc (how I know about the sex? is cause the next day I see condoms I don't hear it .......... I am knocked out)I have called 311 and 911 I was told without proof there is nothing 911 can do. I recently started to gather proof on these tenants,(the exception of the sex.) I showed the landlord he said there is nothing he can do.
The landlord has known about these tenants but he will not do anything because of the monetary kick backs they are giving him.

can I take my landlord to court for his tenants?
Thank You in advance.
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