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Holdover Case-Sect 8 denied without noticeArticle 78 appeal

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Holdover Case-Sect 8 denied without noticeArticle 78 appeal

Postby scardino58 » Fri Jun 05, 2009 12:56 am

Hi: I was getting my rent paid by a fixed Income housing voucher because my husband is on SSI and disabled. after 1 year it was supposed to convert to Section 8. 1 week before the lease was expired, we found out we had been rejected for Sect 8. We never received a written notice of ineligibility. I called NYCHA and they said they didn't have to mail out notice. But I think this is wrong. Our landlady filed a holdover eviction because the city is no longer paying her. We went to court today and got an adjournment till June 19. I haven't found a pro bono lawyer yet and can't afford to pay one. The judge today seemed very unsympathetic and when I said I was filing Article 78. She said she didn't care about that and didn't care what DHS/ NYCHA had done to us. She is the only Judge in Staten Is, Housing court. Can I ask for a different judge or request a jury trial? Also, the Judge was very dismissive of me and wouldn't let me get a word in while she let my landlord vent and scream and talk on and on even when I was trying to speak.

If I or my husband had behaved that way we would have been found in contempt of Court. Any advice please. I am trying to act pro se.
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