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amending an answer and counter claim/legal procedure questio

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amending an answer and counter claim/legal procedure questio

Postby July713 » Sat Jun 28, 2014 5:24 pm


Can anyone tell me how long do I have to amend an answer and counter claim? My co-op board is attempting to terminate my lease in a holdover. The notice of petition refers to me taking down a wall. I was given permission to take down the sheetrock. I submitted proof from an architect the wall was non-load bearing. However my initial answer only refers to the sheetrock as so much time had gone by waiting for them to approve my application (the board prez changed and me and the new prez are not friends to say the least), that I forgot and one late night took down the studs. Anyway, I discovered they were purposely vague. Although their petition refers to the wall, can I amend my answer to state the petition was NOT specific enough? Or do I have to wait until the trial when removal of the studs is presented to amend my answer and counter?
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