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New Forum area - Olympic Evictions and Displacement

Forced Evictions, Displacement, Olympics and other Mega-Events

New Forum area - Olympic Evictions and Displacement

Postby TenantNet » Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:25 am

This new forum area--Forced Evictions and Displacement--will deal with the growing awareness of the impact of mega-events such as the Olympics games on tenants and residents throughout the world.

Most current reports are coming from Beijing where the 2008 Olympics are slated to be held. But forced displacement occurs wherever the Olympics are held. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) turns a blind eye to what has occurred in many cities (and refused to meet with opponents when they came to New York City to consider the failed NYC2012 bid). The IOC, along with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) are rogue international organizations that must be held accountable, and in turn the IOC must hold cities and nations accountable for what occurs during the Olympics games.

There are many Human Rights issues being raised regarding the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. While issues such as Tibet, Darfur and Falon Gong are certainly legitimate subjects, this forum should concentrate on displacement and evictions.

Why look at this? If it happens in Beijing (over 2 million evicted) and it has happened in Atlanta (30,000 people evicted), Seoul (720,000 people evicted), Athens, Salt Lake City, Sydney and elsewhere, it is expected to happen in London (2012) and Vancouver (2010). If Chicago is awarded the Olympic games for 2016, then it may very well happen there. Awareness and pressure are the tools worth using to reign in the terror.
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