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Rent ledgers

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Rent ledgers

Postby Traceyg5469 » Thu Mar 07, 2024 11:25 pm

I live in Spokane WA, I have lived in my building since 2018. Their are approximately 55 units, I'm subsidy. Over those years I've asked for 4 rent ledgers 2 in the last month and 170 entries are altered or missing. Theirs 1000s of dollars difference. What can I do?
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Re: Rent ledgers

Postby TenantNet » Thu Mar 07, 2024 11:50 pm

First, we're set up to speak to NY law and we really don't know the laws in the state of Washington.

You also give us no details, so we can't really respond. In the context of a court case, you can ask the court to order the owner to provide details, but that depend on you local courts. Usually an owner would be required to prove what was charged and if it is legal, factor in any government subsidy, and what was paid.

If you don't already, earmark your payments on paper checks, send to the owner by certified mail and make copies. Check for the local statute of limitations.

But the most important thing is to speak with a local attorney that works for tenants (not for landlords and not one that works both sides). If you qualify, check with your local Legal Aid or Legal Services.

But when you ask for help, you must be specific and have evidence. From your post, I can't figure out what the problem is.
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