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Broker fees for 3 month re-rent

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Broker fees for 3 month re-rent

Postby NYC-tenant » Wed Mar 31, 2021 11:47 am

Hi -

Apartment has been a chaotic mess full of: cockroaches, loud music from neighbors that vibrate the floor at all hours of day/night, water issues, water in ceiling/walls leaking, etc. We have tried to put up with it all and notify property manager along the way, but after going through 13 hours of said music, we had enough and started conversations with property manager regarding breaking our lease as we cannot keep this up. Lease is up end of July, so we thought we would be able to pay a severance fee and reach a mutual agreement. Wrong.
Instead we've been ghosted by our property manager and does not return our emails/calls.

The property leasing company reached out and told us they are able to re-list the apartment, but we would have to pay a concession in the nknthly rent due to the market value from Covid, for the remaining least term for new renters. (It's only
3 months, so we agreed - we want out) Now we are getting a link and request to pay a brokerage fee before they submit the listing on the sites.
Is this our responsibility? Shouldn't the LL pay this? If they should be looking for new tenants as our lease is ending, why do we pay this fee?
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Re: Broker fees for 3 month re-rent

Postby TenantNet » Wed Mar 31, 2021 3:06 pm

Play ball with the devil and you'll pay for it -- sounds like you've already agreed to that.

You don't say if you are RS or not, or what type of unit this is. A lot depends on your lease, but even more can depend on the RS laws, especially the 2019 amendments. Tenants can leave their units (and leases) and it's up to the LL to mitigate his loss. We just discussed this on this forum in the last week. Search the forum and look at the reference section.

If I understand, they want you to pay a brokers' fee for the next tenant? Brokers fees went away in 2019, but they are under legal review. Still, for the next tenant? Seriously, do not agree to any of this garbage. The LL is feeding you lies.

I would a) get a rent history of the unit from DHCR gong back to 1984, and if it comes up, you can tell the LL you are looking for illegal deregulation and possible overcharges.

Remember you can move out whenever you wish. The only question is if you owe the LL additional rent.
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