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New Gas Lines Running Through Apt On Ext Of Wall

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New Gas Lines Running Through Apt On Ext Of Wall

Postby ouiareborg » Thu Aug 20, 2020 1:46 pm

After over 5 months of no cooking gas(due to damage by business in building), they are running new gas lines. We were told because of new codes since last installed. They are not doing it in the wall but on the exterior. Since I'm on the second floor I will have 4 pipes coming up instead of just 1. Right in the middle of my living room wall. A soffit can be built but it will look like a cold-water flat. Is this even legal? Along code? Thought only the pipe for that unit could show. Any help is appreciated.

Also wondering what is involved in applying for rent reduction from lack of gas for 5 months. Thanks.
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Re: New Gas Lines Running Through Apt On Ext Of Wall

Postby TenantNet » Thu Aug 20, 2020 2:28 pm

I don't know of any new codes that require new gas lines. I would ask for the code citations, but don't hold your breath as LL lie about these things all the time. Having said that, DOB is required to inspect and make sure there are no leaks anywhere in the building. So if needed, they can insist on new gas lines (or repair of the section of the pipe where the leak occurs) no matter the old or new code (if there is a new code).

As for being inside the wall or on the building's exterior, I don't know. Or did you mean inside your apartment being "exterior" to being embedded within the law? Your post is unclear, so I can't comment on alternatives or solutions. Nor do I understand your reference to a cold-water flat.

Is this rent stab? You didn't post in the RS section of the forum. We aren't mind readers. If it is RS, then you can file for a rent reduction as soon as possible. Any reduction would be prospective, not retroactive.
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