Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 14:55:24 -0400
Subject: Rent Reg Home Rule by Lt. Gov. Betsy Ross

Nope, it's not a typo. The following statement comes
from Lt. Governor Betsy M. Ross. 

                 * * * * * * *

Why Let Albany Decide A City Rent Issue?


The farther you get from a problem, the less you know about it. 

That's why it is such a shame that the future of rent regulation and the
homes of 2.5 million New York apartment dwellers hinge on a political
poker game being played far away in Albany. 

Upstate legislators whose own districts are unaffected by rent
regulation are taking huge donations from the real estate industry. They
are being influenced to vote against rent protection amd they will not
have to answer to the families affected by a change in the rent laws.
That's unfair. 

Home rule is fair. Let the mayor and City Council decide New York City's
rent regulations and let the county legislatures in Westchester and
Nassau have similar authority. Home rule -- it's as Republican as lower
taxes and small government. 

A sudden end to rent regulation will mean that middle class families.
the elderly and young people just starting out can no longer live in New
York City and nearby suburbs. Vacancy Decontrol was tried in 1971 and
rents shot up 52 percent. The city rushed in to restore rent regulations
and prevent a mass exodus of the middle class. History holds valuable

Home rule will allow Mayor Guiliani and the City Council to deal with
rent regulation wisely and compassionately, without interference from
Albany politicans, high-priced lobbyists and special interests. 

Then perhaps the Albany crowd will finally turn their attention to the
shamefully late state budget. 


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