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Public Housing Spotlight

Issue, they increase the possibility of making changes, but they still have to face the reality of holding a political appointment.

That reality dictates that the Board has some power, but not absolute by any means. Actually, if you had to choose a single power at NYCHA it would have to be JoAnna Aniello. If someone, including Martinez, gave her enough agita, she'd get her son to dump the offender. (If it were Finkel, that would be a "Battle of the Behemoths." You'd have Kalman Finkel and Bruce Teitelbaum [Rudy's Senate Campaign Chief] going against JoAnna Aniello, her hubby Lou Carbonetti [one time denizen of City Hall] and her son Tony Carbonetti [the Mayor's Chief of Staff.] The only loser in that fight might well be Rudy.)

And there are others at NYCHA and other City Agencies who, in their past employment, picked up the expertise needed to be a top NYCHA Exec. Take Henry Coira for example. He was Rudy Giuliani's chauffeur. Somehow, riding in that car with Rudy, he picked up everything he needed to know to become the Chief of Staff at NYCHA under Ruben Franco. (So, if you drive a gypsy cab and you're worried about safety, you might want to apply for a six-figure salary at NYCHA!)

Of course, some jealous people may spread rumors that people who spend a lot of time with powerful politicians just may be discovering more than just some innate talent to be a city exec. But, that can't be true. If it were, these leaches/extorters would, as a result, always hold a good appointed job while his/her patron retained power. By virtue of their knowledge of behind-the-scenes activities, they would also wield some power.

(Oops. Almost forgot to mention. Mr. Coira is no longer with NYCHA. He transferred from housing to a top, well-paying job at the NYC Sheriff's office.)

This mix of players and powers constantly changes, so, "Powers-That-Be" is about as concise as we can get. If you need to make a call as to whom is responsible for NYCHA's foibles, you'd have to choose the real power, the Mayor, as his job oversees the rest.

Sorry we can't be any more precise!