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From: Sinclair, Roy
Sent: Thursday, November 04, 1999 8:51 PM
To:Oliva, Madelyn; Pagani, Michael; Steinmann, William; Cardenas, Jorge; Coutros, William; Hahn, Thomas
CC: Brewster, Karen; Amore, Deborah; Marrone, Louis; Alexander, Wendy; Papia, Vincent; Carosella, John; Schanback, Jeffrey; Ryan, Dennis; Graziano, Paul; Rivers, Natalie
Subject: ATIS


I have been deputized by Paul Graziano to perform an expedited review of the status of ATIS: its clocks, the current version of its softwasoftware, its Y2K readiness, the feasibility of completing changes to the software, and ultimately the feasibility of rolling the system out to the entire Authority.

This weekend personnel from Computer Services lead by Vinnie Papia and Johnny Carosella will be testing the current version of the ATIS software on the AS400 and the current Kronos clocks for Y2K compliance. I am currently researching the status of the various functionalities of the software.

Because of the intense effort which will be required to make a rational determination of the feasibility and desirability of completing the ATIS, I, in turn, have deputized Bill Steinmann to represent me in all activities related to ATIS.

He will now serve in a project management role similar to that being performed by John Kelleher, for RIMS and Bill Coutros for Departmental Budgeting. Bill Steinmann will be calling on the support of Bill Coutros as needed. In addition he will need the "matrix" support of the following persons: Vinnie Papia, Johnny Camaella, Wendy Alexander, Debbie Amore, Lou Marrone, Karen Brewster, Mike Pagani, Jim Steinmann, Miraida Mercano; Dennis Ryan and perhaps others whom I have not thought of.

For those of you unfamiliar with the "matrix" support concept, it means that matrixed personnel need to particpate on group activities (in this case a detailed review of ATIS software) as requested by the group leader (in this case Bill Steinmann) until the completion of the project- Matrixed personnel continue to do their normal jobs and report through their normal chain of command but must be prepared to spend the necessary time on the emergency project.

The Chairman has requested firm recommendations with respect to Y2K functioning of ATIS or alternative plans by Nov.12, a date which I think can be achieved. I am also hopeful that I can have a much better picture of the status of the software as well.

I realize that you all have been working on ATIS for a long time, but I believe that the project has lost direction and leadership and that none of us truly knows at this point the whole picture or what works and what doesn't. It is my job to find out by Nov 12.