Full text of the narrative portion of
Housing Commissioner Paul T. Graziano's arrest report
from the December 29, 2001 Baltimore Sun.

On 29 Dec. 2000 and approximately 0050 hrs., Ofc. Lutadeju and Ofc. Hall responded to Bertha's Bar located at 734 S Broadway for a disorderly call. Upon our arrival we were met by the bartender Ms. Denna Reinsell who stated the following. While working on the bar she heard Mr. Graziano, Paul making sexual orientation comments to two customers in the bar at which time she told him to leave the bar and he refused at this time. She called the police.

Upon further investigation this officer spoke to Jason Edward and Prasad Narasimha Kuduvalli, who both stated that the suspect repeatedly made comments to them about their sexual orientation, stating "you guys are fags," and "I bet you guys like it -- --- ---," and "this whole place is full of fags." Both victims then stated that they tried to ignore him as long as they could but he kept on making the comments. At this time they stated to the bartender that the suspect was offending them and asked her to ask the suspect to leave.

Ofc. Modelando who arrived first on the scene advised the suspect repeatedly for approximately 5 minutes to leave the bar and the suspect refused. This officer advised the suspect to leave several times and the suspect stated, "I don't have to go anywhere." At this time the suspect Graziano, Paul was arrested and transported to CBIF and charged accordingly.

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