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Public Housing Spotlight

Issue of the Public Housing Spotlight, stories of inspectors being directed by Mr. Lawrence to authorize phony Change Orders, in the $6-figure range, will be published.

According to press reports, your office is only dealing with bribes of +/- $5,000. If so, then my publishing the info on the large, unnecessary charges to NYCHA should not cause you any problems. And, as we brought this info to the IG in January of 1997, I believe that my fellow inspectors and I have fulfilled our legal obligation.

There will also be stories on John Honohan, but again, they will be of much larger crimes than those of which your office has informed the press. If there is indeed an ongoing investigation (finally), I assure you I would not want the Spotlight to hinder it in any manner. But I will need to know very soon if I should hold these stories for a future date.

John Ballinger