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Re: Are you Kidding??!!??

Posted by Bibily on November 07, 2001 at 11:45:02:

In Reply to: Are you Kidding??!!?? posted by elsieb on November 07, 2001 at 09:02:41:

Let me clarify this situation. I didn't want to air dirty laundry, but I suppose I must.

These are the people who harrassed me out of my house, backstabbed me over
the house, went into my house and stole items from me
including crystal and china, then forged their
signature to documents. If they had not done those
things to me, then I would not be in this situation in
the first place. Also, I always paid market rent, I
had no favors given to me. Their "generosity"
consisted of a 79% rental increase when they felt like
it, as well as taking money from me that was supposed
to be used for a family fund to finance gatherings.
They may have used my money for that, but conveniently
forgot to invite me to those same gatherings that I
had paid for. At the very least, I should get that
money back. Also, before I left my house that they
harrassed and backstabbed me out of, some of my china
was missing, I thought that it may have been broken.
What a surprise it was to me the following Christmas
to see the same china show up on their son's table!
The stole my grandfather's pocket watch, a collectors
item that he personally gave to me. They took my
father's Army medals off the wall and walked off with
them claiming that their son should have them. The
next time I saw the medals, they were tossed in the
corner of a close and virtually forgotten. There is
also some question as to how a few minutes after my
sister left my mother's hospital room, (she was in
there alone) my mother's was dead. I was at work at
the time, my mother died at 1:00 pm, and my sister
called me at home at 7:00pm that night, with the most
cheerful voice I have ever heard, announcing the news.
Once my mother was dead, my sister started the
harrassment over the house, the china, the furniture
and my father's Army medals. I owne te hose at that
point, but she cleaned me out of all the furniture,
claiming that I didn't own that. So, I was left in an
empty house, with the furniture taken so she could
sell it and keep the money, all the fine china taken
so she could sell it and keep the money (which she
did). Now to the backstabbing. She kept pretending
to be on my side about the house warning me against
the other sister. I found out from her later when she
was drunk that she actually was going to the lawyer
herself and using that story to get information from

Now, the last little thing. She took one of my rental
money orders, forged her husband's signature to it,
cashed it and told him that I never paid the rent. I
had to go to the Post Office to put a tracer on that
money order to prove that it had been received,
endorsed and cashed. Also, when he received my rent
for Feb. 2000, he marked it "paid" on his running
total, then added it back in to March and kept
claiming that I owed him for two months when I
actually owed him for one. When I pointed out this
"mistake" he claimed that he just could not understand
what I was saying.

This is the money that he wants to sue me for. And
you have the nerve to call me selfish?

--- wrote:
> elsieb has posted a response to your message titled
> Re: Landlord wants me out in TenantNet Forum.
> The posted reply reads as follows:
> Dated : November 07, 2001 at 09:02:41
> Subject: Are you Kidding??!!??
> Somehow, somewhere, you have misinterpeted and took
> advantage of their generosity. They allowed you to
> stay in apt. for 5 years. You must have realized
> during this time that you had to make future plans
> for yourself in the long run in the event you needed
> to move. 5 yrs. appears awfully generous to me and
> selfish of you to believe otherwise. Granted, it
> wasnt for free, but apts. have
> mortgages/maintenance/common charges as well and
> these have to be paid on time. You have the
> misfortune of being unemployed, but what exactly is
> it you expect them to do? Are you looking for a
> life tenancy? I dont believe they have spited you;
> it sounds as if you behaved badly in terms of this
> apt. and how far families should go in assisting a
> 40 year old woman. Your family extended their hand,
> you've fallen out of good graces w/ them and you
> basically have to move. You have no lease, so
> basically you have a month to month tenancy. They
> have put you on notice. What they do with the apt.!
> is basically up to them, they bought it, its
> theirs, thats how that works, and their son will
> inherit in the future. I would put you out also.
> Things like this piss me off; you sound like a
> welfare recipient who doesnt know when its time to
> quit the handouts.

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