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Re: Haven't you figured out...

Posted by Ace on May 12, 2001 at 17:41:17:

In Reply to: Haven't you figured out... posted by MikeW on May 11, 2001 at 14:37:12:

... that as long as we all stand around just complaining and talking conspiracy and acting like our hands are tied, we will continue to be perceived as sheep? We should all be more involved and interested in what's going on and in who's protecting our interests properly -- but that's too hard to even think about let alone do something right, isn't it? I mean, it's easy to talk about how everything's corrupt and just give a dramatic sigh or shrug of shoulder, but it's harder to get involved and try to make a decent change for people who weren't born with silver spoons in their mouths and are making less than 30k a year.

It's plain that a lot of people complain but they do not want to part with any of their energy, brains or time to devote to the cause at hand. Which is why LLs, who are looking out for their interests and stay on top of it, keep winning the battles. Our hands aren't tied if we banded together and stuck to our points. LLs need us too. This is not as one sided as certain people would like us to think. Tenants are not sheep.

: ... that all the decisions are made beforehand, and the meetings are just for show? The RGB solely exists to give the Mayor (currently Giulliany, but it predates him) a level of plausible denyability in how the rent increases get set. The people on the RGB are the sacrificial lambs for the LLs and tenants to slaughter. Notice no one ever goes anywhere after being on the RGB.

: ###############################################
: ###############################################

: : So far the RGB has been working in the interest of the LL -- giving the LL an increase, and not a small one at that. One percent is one thing -- but I recently signed a lease for 6% for two years. The increase I got from my job? 3%. I see a problem with the numbers. I know the LL's would, if this situation was reversed.

: : What I'm saying is, regardless, the LL's will get a nice increase. And they're claiming fuel prices. Fuel prices weren't up for several years, yet they got their increases regardless. LL's also won't open their books for the year 2000 to show their need for this new increase. With RGB giving them an increase of any kind, they won't have to.

: : And the public interest includes the tenants, which is NOT being heard here, as the tenants are saying no to increases, period, and are proposing a rent freeze. Funny how RGB is not responding to that. Being "happy" with a 3 to 5% is b.s. It's still an increase and LL's are still getting something, on top of the 35% increase in profit they already got over the past two years BEFORE this year's fuel pricings. So as far as I'm concerned, as businesspeople, they are doing well and are just being greedy.

: : And as far as the geriatric response, what is this, Logan's Run? Will we start killing people once they hit 30? By the way, I'm not anywhere near the geriatric level but I'm also not a teenager. I'm considered by the IRS as part of the middle-class. You know, the section that always gets squeezed from both sides, the rich and the poor. I can't afford a co-op or mansion but I make enough to stay out of the ghetto. Does that mean I become invisible or non-deserving of paying a decent rent on a decent apartment in a decent neighborhood?

: : : RGB is supposed to be acting in "the public" interest -- not in the interest of just tenants or just landlords.

: : : Going to the meetings is a waste of time ... just a bunch of geriatric fools yelling about their problems.

: : : I hear tenant activists want low rents and landlords want high rents ... is that anything new ?

: : : : Recently, New York City news reported that LL's wanted a 9 percent increase for 1 year and 13 percent for two year lease renewals on rent stabilized apartments. Apparently, this was a scare tactic to put up the 3% for 1 year and 5% for two years that Guiliani and the Rent Stabilization Board eventually came up with instead so that way, the LL's get an increase, regardless.

: : : : Yesterday there was a meeting that some tenants were not allowed to enter. It was a public meeting, which meant that media was also supposed to be allowed and they too, were banned.

: : : : On June 20, the voting will be cast regarding the increase -- there WILL be one, and most likely the 3 to 5 percent deal. Do you want any increase at all, considering the LL's have refused to open their books for this past year (2000) to ask for an increase this year? Although LL's are using the excuse about oil/fuel increases, the fact remains that when oil prices weren't high two years ago NYC tenants were still hit with an increase of 4% for one year, 6% for two, the highest increases it's ever been.

: : : : Please let your presence and voice be known and heard. Write the RGB and show up for the voting. Let the RGB know they're supposed to be working for the tenant's interest, NOT the LL's!

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