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Re: was wonderin' what you meant, strange man that richard.... Ignore at your peril!

Posted by Richard on April 01, 2000 at 23:35:13:

In Reply to: was wonderin' what you meant, strange man that richard posted by click on April 01, 2000 at 10:43:41:

Does the phrase "Fair and Balanced" mean anything to you? it does to me.....

So why can't we discuss Both sides of an issue, you say i run hot and cold well thats true...I do not hate all landlords, and i dont think that all tenats are angels either, Both seem to shoot themselves in the feet quite a lot.

So what is so wrong with someone invading your privacy with the Police at 3AM after you are yelling and fighting with each other? Landlords can go in your apartment in emergencies and fighting at 3am is NOT NORMAL!....We are supposed to do whatever we can to stop domestic violence, not just turn over and go back to the landlord did the right thing and might have pervented a second outburst later on and who knows he might have done an OJ on her if the Police hadnt shown up....The Feminists were always critisizing us for NOT getting involved so the LL gets involved and the Tenant wants to sue him.....not bright.

The tenants always ASSUME the landlord is a greedy rich bast**d so he wont mind if I pay the rent late by 2 months because I lost a Job and my truck needed a transmission, or a roomate bolts the apartment and should take a partial rent payment, Or you want to break a lease over minor problems, or you just want to leave for a new job in another city, and expect him to send your security deposit to you......Um shouldnt you ask your FAMILY for a loan FIRST? Thats what families are for..

Or you Violate the lease by having a dog, then the landlord DOESN'T evict you instead because you are pregnant lets you finish out your lease that ends in 6 months and say he wont renew it, you repay him by witholding rent so you force him to evict you, not show up in court, he gets a judgement against you, and you aint got the money to pay it, and its preventing you from getting credit rather then pay the judgement, you want to reopen the case and sue the landlord for supposedly Forcing you out of the apartment.... you could have still been living there and with No judgements on your credit record...but YOU chose to do something thats not bright....

Do you see a pattern here? If you want to win in court the Tenant must have clean hands. Paying the rent in CASH? Knowing you are in an Illegal sublet and paying the leaseholder more then he is paying, a basement apartment with NO electric meter, asking for a lease, and the landlord refuses to give you one yet you still rent the apartment.

Hell we sued our last landlord and it cost us plenty, close to $10,000 in legal fees....but we paid our rent on time and never asked for much, so when they came totally out of left field wanting the apartment back, not in 6 months but NOW, i got ticked off....and found out it was unregistered, and we never got a rent stabilized lease ....and we found it in the New York Times paid by check, and no problems for 4 years.....and our biggest trump card....we were from CT and this was our first apt we rented in NYC, so how are we supposed to know about the rent laws if the LL lied to us?

So when I tell people to save money have a IRA 401K and clean credit, its what you will need to have the best chance of winning....when you meet up with a LL who knows you have him by the nuts, so his only Bankrupt you.

So that means NO eating out unless its on a 2 for 1 val-pak coupon..... NO frivolous purchases.....NO vacations....and Most of all NO PREGANCIES! you will need every dime to pay a lawyer...

So how can any of this be Bad advice?


: To those asking questions: Experienced tenants and attorneys frequenting this message board
: may be willing to help with their knowledge. In asking questions, please provide the following: your
: city/location, if you are rent stabilized/controlled, coop/condo or under any form of regulation or
: subsidy, lease status, units in building and when it was built. If Richard (
: responds, ignore it.

: that guy runs hot & cold.... worse than some landlords on other so-called tenant boards.......

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