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A Tenant's Guide to Getting and Keeping Gas and Electricity Service

TenantNet note: This booklet was published by Brooklyn Legal Services in 1995. Some information contained may be out-of-date, particularly listed telephone numbers. As far as we know, there have been no updates to this publication. While much of the information may still be valid, the reader should exercise caution.

VII. How To Have Your Service Reconnected

If your utility service has been shut off, it must be restored within 24 hours if:

  1. the utility company receives the full payment for which service was terminated; or
  2. you and the utility company have entered into a deferred payment agreement; or
  3. the utility company receives a commitment from HRA to pay or guarantee payment; or
  4. the utility company has notice that a serious threat to health and safety is likely to result if service is not reconnected; or
  5. the PSC so directs.

If the utility company is prevented from reconnecting service for reasons beyond their control, service must be reconnected within 24 hours after those circumstances have ended.

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