New York Rent Laws
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The City Rent and Rehabilitation Law [CRRL]

26-407. Labor cost pass-along. a. Notwithstanding any provisions of this chapter, any labor cost pass-along rent increase requested of, or received from, any tenant on or after July first, nineteen hundred seventy-two, pursuant to the provisions of subparagraph (1) of paragraph one of subdivision g of section 26-405 of this title, shall not exceed the maximum rent adjustment as provided under this chapter after the effective date of this section. b. All such increases in excess of such maximum rent are hereby declared null and void and of no effect. A tenant who paid any such excess increase shall be repaid by a cash refund or credit, to be applied against future rent, in equal installments for the same number of months for which such increase was actually collected, commencing on January first, nineteen hundred seventy-eight. Added by Laws 1985, Ch. 907, 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1986.

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