New York Rent Laws
Rent Stab Code (1987) - Table of Contents

NYC Rent Stabilization Code (1987)

Please note: This version of the NYC Rent Stabilziation Code is from 1987 and is not current. The code has been amended several times since 1987. Although much remains the same, there are significant changes that have occurred. This version of the code is maintained for archival purposes.

PART 2530 -- JUDICIAL REVIEW ----------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS Section 2530.1. Commencement of proceeding. ----------------------------- Sec. 2530.1. COMMENCEMENT OF PROCEEDING. A proceeding for judicial review pursuant to article 78 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules may be instituted only to review a final order of the DHCR pursuant to section 2526.2(c)(2) of this Title; or to review a final order of the commissioner pursuant to section 2529.8 of this Title; or after the expiration of the 90- day or extended period within which the commissioner may determine a PAR pursuant to section 2529.11 of this Title, and which, therefore, may be "deemed denied" by the petitioner. The petition for judicial review shall be brought in the Supreme Court in the county in which the subject housing accommodation is located and shall be served upon the DHCR and the Attorney General. A proceeding for judicial review of an order issued pursuant to section 2526.2(c)(2) or section 2529.8 of this Title shall be brought within 60 days after the issuance of such order. A party aggrieved by a PAR order issued after the 90-day or extended period of time within which the petitioner could deem his or her petition "denied" pursuant to section 2529.11 of this Title, shall have 60 days from the date of such order to commence a proceeding for judicial review, notwithstanding that 60 days have elapsed after such 90-day or extended 'deemed denial' period has expired. Service of the petition upon the DHCR shall be made by personal delivery of a copy thereof to Counsel's Office at the DHCR's principal office, One Fordham Plaza, Bronx, NY 10458, or such other address as may be designated by the commissioner, and to an Assistant Attorney General at an office of the New York State Attorney General in the City of New York.

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