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Rent Stab Code (1987) - Table of Contents

NYC Rent Stabilization Code (1987)

Please note: This version of the NYC Rent Stabilziation Code is from 1987 and is not current. The code has been amended several times since 1987. Although much remains the same, there are significant changes that have occurred. This version of the code is maintained for archival purposes.

PART 2528 -- REGISTRATION OF HOUSING ACCOMMODATIONS ----------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS Section 2528.1. Initial registration. 2528.2. Initial registration requirements. 2528.3. Annual registration requirements. 2528.4. Penalty for failure to register. 2528.5. Confidentiality. ----------------------------- Sec. 2528.1. INITIAL REGISTRATION. Each housing accommodation subject to the RSL on April l, 1984, or thereafter, and not exempted from registration by the DHCR, shall be registered by the owner thereof with the DHCR within 90 days after such date. Sec. 2528.2. INITIAL REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS. (a) The initial registration shall be made on forms prescribed or approved by the DHCR, and shall include: (1) the address of the building or group of buildings or development in which such housing accommodation is located and the name of the tenant residing therein; (2) the number of housing accommodations in the building or group of buildings or development; (3) the number of housing accommodations in the building or group of buildings or development subject to the RSL and the number of such housing accommodations subject to the City Rent Law; (4) the rent charged on April l, 1984, or the rent charged on the date the housing accommodation became subject to the requirements of this Part, and any changes in such rent between such date and the date of registration; (5) the number of rooms in such housing accommodation; and (6) all services provided for in the last lease or rental agreement, provided or required to be provided on the applicable base date, or thereafter. (b) Registration of housing accommodations subject to the City Rent Law immediately prior to the date of filing the initial registration statement shall include, in addition to the items set forth in subdivision (a) of this section, where existing, the maximum rent immediately prior to the date that such housing accommodations became subject to the RSL or the requirements of this Part. (c) Copies of the registration shall be filed in such manner and in such place or places as the DHCR may designate. In addition, a copy of the Building Services Registration form shall be posted in a public area of the building as prescribed in the DHCR's Instructions for Rent Registration. (d) One copy of the Initial Apartment Registration form which pertains to the tenant's housing accommodation shall be sent by the owner to the tenant by certified mail. Service of such form pursuant to this subdivision together with the Notice of Initial Legal Registered Rent shall constitute proper service of such Notice of Initial Legal Registered Rent under section 2523.1 of this Title. Provided, however, that for registrations served prior to the effective date of this subdivision, any method of service permitted by the DHCR at the time of service shall be deemed to have the same effect as service by certified mailing. Sec. 2528.3. ANNUAL REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS. In such manner and at such time as shall be determined by the DHCR pursuant to section 2527.11 of this Title: (a) An annual registration shall be filed containing the current rent for each housing accommodation not otherwise exempt, a certification of services, and such other information as may be required by the DHCR pursuant to the RSL. (b) Upon filing an annual registration, the owner shall provide each tenant then in occupancy with a copy of that portion of such annual registration applicable to the tenant's housing accommodation. Sec. 2528.4. PENALTY FOR FAILURE TO REGISTER. The failure to properly and timely comply with the initial or annual rent registration as required by this Part shall, until such time as such registration is completed, bar an owner from applying for or collecting any rent in excess of: (a) if no initial registration has taken place, the legal regulated rent in effect on the date that the housing accommodation became subject to the registration requirements of this Part; or (b) the legal regulated rent in effect on April first of the year for which an annual registration was required to be filed, or such other date of that year as may be determined by the DHCR pursuant to section 2528.3 of this Part. The late filing of a registration shall result in the elimination, prospectively of such penalty. Sec. 2528.5. CONFIDENTIALITY. Registration information filed with the DHCR pursuant to this Part shall not be subject to the Freedom of Information Law, provided that such information relative to a tenant, owner, lessor or subtenant shall be made available to such party or his or her authorized representative.

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